(Minghui.org) A neighbor came back from a business trip in 1992 and exclaimed, “There is a qigong master named Master Li Hongzhi in Beijing. He is taking students. One day the sky darkened, and a big storm was about to hit. Master Li told his students, 'Go home now. The rain won't fall until you get there.' Indeed, as soon all the students had made it home, it started pouring.”

I found the story wonderful and had a thought that I wanted to be a Falun Dafa practitioner. To my amazement, just because of this thought, Master Li started taking care of me right away.

My body soon began to be purified, and my whole body felt very tight. I was rolling on the floor in discomfort. I could not eat, drink, or sleep. Eight days later, I felt a warm current come down from the top of my head and flow all over my body. The tightness was gone, and I felt wonderful.

Two months later, something warm and round came down from the top of my head and landed in my abdomen. I could feel it rotating. I started seeing wonderful things that others could not see. I realized later that Master Li had opened the great heavenly circuit for me, given me a Falun, and opened my third eye.

However, I did not yet start cultivating.

A Life of Misery

My husband had a bad temper and often yelled at me and our son. He hit us for no reason. We only dared to cry at night when he could not hear us. I later met a man who cared for me very much, and we became close friends. My husband found out and beat me up. The shame and despair I felt was so deep that I thought, “I'd rather die than live a life of such misery.”

I bought 20 vials of penicillin to commit suicide. I was allergic to any form of drugs and was sure it would be a lethal dose. On my way home, a tall man in a military uniform came up to me and asked me softly, “Madam, why do you want to kill yourself?”

I was startled and wondered, “How did he know?” I replied, “Who are you? It's my business. I just want to die and end all the trouble.” I started to run.

I ran into a former classmate's home and said, “A man is chasing me. Please see if he's still there.”

She went outside and came back, “Nobody is there.” I got up and left. She chased after me, “What's the hurry? Why don't you stay a while?”

“I have to go. Bye!” I yelled.

She returned home and saw the man in a military uniform standing in the middle of her living room. “What's the relationship between you and the woman who just left?” the man asked her.

“We were classmates.”

The man said, “Go to her immediately! She is going to try to commit suicide!”

I poured the 20 vials of penicillin into a bowl as soon as I got home. When I was about to add water, the classmate knocked on my door and shouted, “Open the door! Don't do anything stupid!”

I didn't open it, so she knocked on the window and shouted, “Don't kill yourself. I've called your husband and some friends. They are all on their way.” I had to give up my suicide attempt. I felt even more ashamed.

I had been going to a temple from time to time. I wanted to leave the secular world, so I asked the senior monk about entering the monastery. He said, “You have good inborn quality and are free from human desires and passions, but I cannot accept you because you have a greater mission and responsibility waiting for you. You have to go back and wait.”

I pondered, “What mission and responsibility could I have? What should I wait for?”

During the 1996 Chinese New Year, I went to burn incense at the temple. I was on my bicycle and did not see the taxi coming at me. It hit me, threw me off my bicycle, and then came to a stop. The driver got out, checked his car, did not see any damage, and drove away.

Seeing the damage to my bicycle, I thought, “No I can’t go to the temple. Oh, I'm not worthy of going to the temple anymore. How can I go on?” I once again thought of suicide.

Beginning Cultivation

A few months later, in July 1996, my younger sister told me, “Sis, you should practice Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa).” I said I was not interested. She replied, “I heard Falun Gong works magic in keeping one healthy.”

“What does good health mean for someone like me who doesn't even want to live?” I said.

My sister replied, “The practice has a book that guides you in cultivation without leaving the secular world.”

When I heard “practice cultivation without leaving the secular world,” I felt a shockwave go through my body.

“Where can I find the book?” I asked.

“There are practice sites.”

I found a practice site in a nearby park and started to learn the exercises. I felt wonderful afterward. As I walked home, a watermelon rind fell from a building and hit my head. I looked up but didn’t see anybody. I wanted to shout a complaint about being hit, but I hesitated. I told myself, “Let it go. I'm a practitioner now.”

As I was heading home after practicing the exercises on the fourth day, I felt like I was lifted up by a strong energy current from the top of my head. I could not help speeding up and almost ran home. It was wonderful. From then on, I went to the practice site every day.

I went to the market one morning after practice. As soon as I got there, the sky turned dark with heavy clouds, almost as if it was night. I thought, “I should go home.” Big rain drops started to fall. I thought, “Master Li, please hold the rain until I get to my building.” The rain stopped, and I quickly headed home.

Right after I got in, it started pouring for half an hour. “It's amazing! Master Li is so amazing!”

At the end of August 1996, I started watching videos of Master's Fa lectures at my sister's home. The first time I saw Master Li on the screen, I could not stop crying. He looked so familiar. Master taught the Fa with a smile on his face, and I found his voice very familiar, too. I paid close attention and did not allow myself to miss a single word.

It suddenly occurred to me, “Wow, wasn't Master Li the man in the military uniform who kept me from committing suicide years ago?!

The next day I was watching Master's lectures on video when I felt something spinning above my head. I looked up and saw numerous white Falun, all different sizes, spinning in the room.

On the fourth day, as soon as I started watching the video, my stomach started to hurt. I had to throw up in the bathroom many times, until my stomach was completely empty. On my way home after the watching the lectures, my body felt wonderful, as if I was in heaven. It was too amazing to describe.

I finally got a copy of Zhuan Falun in October 1996. I raised the book above my head with both hands and then held it close to my chest. I said in my heart, “Master, I will not part with this Fa.”

I officially started my journey of cultivation practice. Falun Dafa has given me a new life. Since the persecution started in 1999, I have been arrested and have suffered many forms of torture. My entire family has been affected and has faced tremendous pressure. However, I will never give up the great Fa. Falun Dafa is truly wonderful!

I wholeheartedly hope everybody can be as fortunate as I am and bask in the Buddha light forever!