(Minghui.org) My 46-year-old husband was diagnosed with a brain stem hemorrhage and facial nerve damage during the 2012 Chinese New Year.

“He most likely will not have a full recovery,” said the doctor. “He can only do light work and must be inoculated every spring and autumn to prevent any infection. If the disease recurs, it might turn into a cerebral hemorrhage, which could be life threatening.”

For a rural family that already experienced ongoing financial hardship, and with parents and children to look after, this situation could not have been more worrisome.

The Power of Falun Gong

My father, a Falun Gong practitioner, told me that this cultivation practice teaches people to be good. He also reminded me that I had witnessed the recovery of many people with serious illnesses after they practiced Falun Gong. Then, he asked my husband to consider trying the practice.

My mother-in-law was all for him to learn Falun Gong, so it did not take much pressure for him to start on the cultivation path. He then talked me into joining him.

After two weeks of practicing Falun Gong, my husband recovered from his illness!

Acting in Line with Falun Gong Principles

Last spring, our neighbor pilfered about 820 yards of our farmland. We were very upset. My husband and brother, encouraged by a few villagers, were both prepared to get into a fight with him.

“Don’t argue with your neighbor,” said my father. “You are now practitioners. From studying the teachings, we are all aware that whatever a practitioner comes across is no accident. We should act in line with the principles of the practice, which are Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.”

Master teaches us,

“When we encounter these problems we shouldn’t fight and compete like other people do. If he acts that way, and you act that way, too, aren’t you an ordinary person? Not only shouldn’t you fight and compete like him, you shouldn’t hate him, either. Really, you shouldn’t hate him. Once you start hating him, aren’t you getting angry? Then you’ve failed to live up to Endurance. We strive to be True, Good, and Endure. And what’s more, your Goodness is nowhere to be found.” (Zhuan Falun)

In following my father's advice and considering the importance of our cultivation, my husband and I decided not to get into a fight with our neighbor.

Yet, we really felt that things were unfair and could not calm down, eat or sleep well. My husband calmed down after a few days, but I could not. Thus, I tried to study Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Gong, more.

Master teaches us,

“We cultivators always let things happen naturally. If something is yours, nobody will take it away, and if something isn’t yours, you won’t be able to get it even by fighting for it.” (Zhuan Falun)

“Ordinary people can’t grasp this truth, so they compete and fight when there’s something to gain at stake.” (Zhuan Falun)

After understanding the above principle, I could let go of my unhappiness and my mind calmed down.

Fortunate Despite Adversity

At the beginning of the harvest season, the region experienced unfavorable weather conditions, so the farmers tried to rehire the same harvesting machine operator.

Just as the harvest machine started to work, our neighbor came and talked the operator into giving priority to harvest his crops. My husband did not argue with them, but I was very upset.

Unexpectedly, our neighbor’s crops were very tough, and they damaged the machine. The machine owner refused to continue the job for him. It took quite a bit of convincing for him to work on our field. The harvesting went very smoothly.

The day after our harvest was in, a heavy rain drenched the area, and we realized how fortunate we were!

Practitioners’ Honesty Was Trusted

During the winter, the small bungalow we rented became rather cold, so it was not an easy environment for us to study Zhuan Falun and do the exercises.

We decided to buy property with better insulation and heating. We quickly found a place, and all the paper work was ready for the purchase.

The seller knew that we were practitioners, and that we follow the principles of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.” He let us move in and gave us the property ownership certificate without concern, even though he was aware that we needed to sell our crop before we could pay him.

After moving in and settling down, my husband sold all of our crops and paid for the property.

Then, after we sold our crops, the price dropped dramatically. Our friends and family felt that we were really blessed!