(Minghui.org) I am a 39-year-old male Falun Dafa practitioner that started to cultivate in 1997.

Righteous Thoughts Strengthened by Master and Divine Beings

A few days ago, another practitioner and I took a train to Sichuan on business and bought tickets for a sleeper car.

Among the six adjacent bunks, four were occupied by young women, and we were in the other two. A young woman from Beijing took the lower bunk across from me. She wore stylish and revealing clothes.

This was a test for me, and I knew that I must maintain righteous thoughts and reject any trace of temptation. I asked my fellow practitioner to hold righteous thoughts as well, and I went back to my bunk.

In my bunk, I listened to Master's lectures, and when I was not listening, I sent forth righteous thoughts.

It was hot, and the bunks were close together. The smell of the young woman’s perfume, together with some of her movements, kept interfering with me.

I felt that, if I could hold righteous thoughts for five minutes, then I could easily do it for one hour. However, I realized that holding righteous thoughts—without any gaps or traces of bad thoughts—for a 12-hour trip would be difficult. So I kept sending righteous thoughts and asking Master for strength.

The energy field around me got stronger, and before we reached our destination, I felt that I was surrounded by an enormous energy field. The energy field seemingly isolated me from the rest of the world, and I could hear only the sound of the train's engines and the great roar of the enormous energy. I felt that the whole sleeper car was filled with energy.

During the entire 12-hour trip, I never looked at the young woman.

When we got off the train at Chengdu, the woman asked me to help her carry her luggage up the long flight of stairs at the station.

This was an excellent opportunity to help her understand the truth about Falun Dafa. Before we went our separate ways, I said to her, "It was predestined that we met. I must ask you whether you have heard about quitting the CCP and its organizations to ensure a safe future.”

To my surprise, she told me without hesitation, “I’ll quit.”

After I helped her quit the CCP and its organizations, I told her, “Please remember that Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." We then went our separate ways.

She was saved because Dafa practitioners’ righteous thoughts disintegrated the bad factors behind her, and the righteousness of two practitioners deeply moved her.

If I had not been able to maintain righteous thoughts all the way on the train, I would not have been able to talk to her. And I would have failed the test of lust.

I came to understand that, as long as we can maintain our righteous thoughts, Master and righteous divine beings will strengthen us.

Finding a Different Way to Explain the Facts

After staying in Sichuan for several days, we boarded another train and headed for home.

On the way, a mother and daughter got on board. Because there were many people in the car, I did not talk to them directly about Falun Dafa.

I found a small paper box and wrote on it, “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. Reading this with all due sincerity will bring you good fortune.”

I found an opportunity and passed the box to them. After reading what I wrote, they kept saying, “Thank you, thank you."

Energy Field Restricts Others' Thinking

When I boarded the train again, there was a middle-aged scholar sitting across from me. This was another opportunity to talk about Dafa.

However, because of my cultivation state, I rarely chat with ordinary people and rarely talk to people about Falun Dafa face-to-face. I asked Master to help me.

The opportunity soon presented itself. He turned on his laptop and started typing, so I asked him what he was working on. He told me he was studying Buddhism and was preparing to give lectures on Buddhism.

He told me that he was amazed by how Buddhism continued in China for more that a thousand years even though it had disappeared from India.

I asked him whether he would mind speaking with me. I told him that I practiced in the Buddha School and would be willing to answer his questions.

"Great,” he said. “I wanted to talk with you, but I didn't want to intrude. My friend in the bunk above you told me that you were very different. He told me that you have an energy field that restricted his thinking, and he forgot about smoking.

“In today’s society, where the desire for material things is so inflated, is there a way to control people’s greed?" he asked.

"In today’s society,” I said, “no one can master himself and resist the social trend unless he cultivates and follows the guidance of a righteous Fa. Nothing else will help.”

He agreed, and we talked about many other topics for a long time. He was very impressed with my understandings.

Finally, I advised him not to participate in the political affairs of everyday people and advised him to quit the CCP and its organizations to ensure a safe future.

Without hesitation he quit the CCP.

When the train arrived at my destination, he was very reluctant to see me leave. He said that he was very lucky to have met me, hoped to discuss more with me later, and asked for my phone number.

I knew that it was the gratitude and the joy of a sentient being after being saved.

Practitioners’ Powerful Energy Field

After I got off the train, I called my sister to pick me up.

She told me that she had had surgery recently and was still in pain. I told her, “Don’t worry. You will be all right when you pick me up.”

By the time we reached her home, she told me that her pain was indeed gone. She told me that she could feel that I had a very strong energy field and that it made her very comfortable.

Master said:

“At a minimum, the energy field that you carry is beneficial to all of your family members since you are cultivating the righteous Fa, and the benevolent and tranquil power that you carry can rectify all incorrect states.” (Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia)

I explained briefly what had happened, and she was moved.

She practices Buddhism. When I told her about Falun Dafa before, she did not completely believe me. This time, however, with the power of Dafa displayed before her, she was convinced.

Before I left her home, she told me, “I hope that you can visit more often. You don’t have to do anything—just stay with us for a while."

Ordinary people all have knowing sides: They all came for the Fa and are waiting for Dafa practitioners to save them.

Dafa practitioners should understand that we have enormous responsibilities, and that we must pay attention to every thought and act. Only by cultivating ourselves well can we save more lives.