(Minghui.org) A practitioner from my area was arrested for talking to people about Falun Gong at the beginning of 2016. She was interrogated at the police station and taken to a detention center.

Local practitioners visited her family upon learning this news, to see how they could work together to get her released.

Her family was afraid to do anything at first, so the practitioners showed them a lawyer's defense argument, which clearly stated that practicing Falun Gong was neither wrong nor illegal. They then offered to help.

The arrested practitioner's family visited the police department, domestic security division and the local police station every day to request her release. One official was asked, “What did she do wrong? Please show us your evidence.” The official had no answer.

Practitioners Cooperating Well with Each Other

Practitioner A lives near the detention center where the other practitioner was being detained. She invited us to her home, so we could send righteous thoughts in close proximity to the detention center. Many local practitioners were able to join us.

Practitioner B, who lives quite far from practitioner A's home, was not able to join us, but still wanted to help. With the consent from the arrested practitioner's family, practitioner B wrote a powerfully worded letter on behalf of the family, to send to the local authorities to let them know about Falun Gong and the persecution. We made copies of the letter and mailed them out.

Seeing that the practitioner had still not been released after some time, practitioner B wrote a second letter, a formal complaint addressing the injustice that the practitioner was going though. Many copies were made and distributed. The letters eventually reached the hands of some high ranking officials, who then called the local domestic security division to learn more about the practitioner's case.

These letters also played a pivotal role in securing a meeting between practitioners and officials within the domestic security division.

Determined to Get the Practitioner Released

Some time after the meeting, a practitioner heard from one of the arrested practitioner's family members that she would soon be released, but only after spending a few days at a brainwashing center in Shenyang.

Upon hearing this, the family was immediately asked to help prevent the police from taking her to be brainwashed.

The family met the head of the domestic security division again, with practitioners sending righteous thoughts nearby. They decided not to send the arrested practitioner to the brainwashing center.

However, the police later submitted the practitioner's case to the local government, which resulted in the approval of her arrest and an indictment.

Many practitioners began sending righteous thoughts upon hearing this, while the practitioner's family visited the Procuratorate every day to try and get her released.

The complaint letter that practitioner B wrote was mailed out again en masse, and it was made sure that a copy was sent to the prosecutor's office.

We cooperated very well with each other. Even practitioners who lived far away offered to help. When one practitioner heard that the arrested practitioner needed to meet with her lawyer before the first trial, she did everything in her power to help set up the meeting.

More practitioners joined the efforts when they heard about the case, and sent text messages, made calls, and wrote letters of protest to the authorities.

Good news finally came: The police told the practitioner's family that she would be released on bail.

After months of detention, she arrived at home safe and sound.