(Minghui.org) Washington, DC’s annual Yoga Expo was held in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center on August 20, 2016. Local Falun Gong practitioners offered a free introduction and teaching of the exercises. More than 20 people attended the workshop.

“This practice is very interesting,” said Isabelle, who works in a bank, “As I followed the hand gestures of the practitioner on stage, I felt very comfortable. There was energy moving in my body. It was warm and refreshing. I felt so calm.” She said she was glad she had a chance to experience Falun Gong.

People learn the Falun Gong exercises in the Yoga Expo.A practitioner teaches a young person the hand gestures of the Falun Gong exercises.

Aaron, a lawyer in Virginia, bought tickets to the expo for himself and his wife after seeing it advertised in a local yoga center a few days ago. They had seen Falun Gong practitioners doing the exercises together last year in Philadelphia and were pleased to run into the practice again.

“I like this,” said Aaron. “As I was learning the exercises, I felt a special energy throughout my whole body. It was a marvelous feeling. My body was light and relaxed beyond words. I want to continue learning Falun Gong.”

Brant teaches in a public school in Montgomery County, Maryland. It was the first time he had ever run into Falun Gong. “Splendid!” he said. “We learned many hand gestures and movements. Doing the exercise with both hands over the head, we had to hold that position for five minutes. I felt very focused.”

He said he felt relaxed, refreshed, and confident. He said he would continue to learn Falun Gong and recommend it to his friends and family.