(Minghui.org) I remained bedridden for three years after I gave birth at the age of 29. Life didn’t get any easier in the next three decades, as I was plagued with various complications and symptoms.

My life became much more enjoyable after I started practicing Falun Dafa, when I was in my sixties. I was amazed to see my health problems disappear without medical intervention not long into my practice.

Almost 20 years have passed, and now at age 83, I am as healthy as can be. Having firsthand experience of Falun Dafa’s positive impact on its practitioners, I never hesitate to tell people that the Chinese Communist Party’s persecution of the practice is wrong.

Though I have been arrested seven times over the years for my faith, I have not the slightest regret. To me, nothing compares to Falun Dafa, as it returned me to health and gave meaning to my life.

A New Beginning

I used to suffer from liver and heart problems, as well as high blood pressure, and was easily disturbed by a little noise. I often felt dizzy while walking and often had to lean on a wall to take a break.

I was bedridden for three and a half years after I gave birth to my daughter at age 29. I would vomit all the medicine I took in. I was on the verge of death, and I felt that life could not be harder for me.

After I started practicing Falun Dafa, however, all of my problems miraculously went away. I was already in my sixties at the time, but I felt healthier than when I was younger.

I introduced the practice to my sister and my father. My sister's eyesight improved and my father's skin itch that had bothered him for 20 years also went away. With great excitement, he told me the changes he had right after he finishing reading the book Zhuan Falun. I was happy for him and even more amazed at the magic power of Dafa.

I joined thousands of practitioners at the National Appeals Office on April 25, 1999, demanding the right to freely practice Falun Dafa. I noticed that the sun looked so different that day. It was much bigger and dazzling. It had all kinds of colors inside it. On the side, there was a big Falun rotating like a windmill.

Although I couldn’t see them, I strongly felt the presence of a multitude of gods, looking at us from the sky. Some young Dafa disciples with open celestial eyes saw Falun rotating on many Dafa practitioners there. It was so magical!

Passing the Test

When I first started practicing Dafa, a dense rash ringed my neck. It was extremely itchy. I applied all kinds of medication and salves, and even tried to burn it with hot water, but nothing worked.

A veteran practitioner advised me not to use medicine for the rash any longer, and that I should try to forbear it. She encouraged me to read Falun Dafa books and do the exercises more. I took her suggestion. The rash disappeared two days later.

Shortly after that, an egg-size swelling grew on my knee and was quite painful. My son took me to the hospital, but after many examinations, the doctor said to me, “You are fine. Everything looks good.”

I realized that Master was hinting that I should go home, but my son wouldn’t let me. He argued with the doctor that something must be wrong that caused the pain in my leg. The doctor had to give me a prescription before we left.

I did not take the medicine, but the swelling subsided by itself in a few days.

In another test, I had a bad cough for more than two weeks. My son wanted to take me to the hospital again. I insisted that I wouldn’t go. One night I was coughing badly and my son gave me two pills and asked me to take them. When he went to get some water, I hid the pills in my hand.

After he came back, I drank the water and pretended that I had taken the pills. Interestingly enough, as soon as I drank the water, I stopped coughing.

He said, “See mom, the pills worked. You should have taken them earlier.”

I opened my hand and showed him the pills. He was surprised and felt it was really amazing.

Being Protected

I once went to visit a friend of mine who was ill. I was helping her with some cleaning, and as I was cleaning the stove top, I scraped my arm badly. The flesh looked very scary.

I was not afraid, nor did I feel any pain. I straightened the skin so it covered the wound. I continued helping her clean the room. After I finished cleaning, the wound had already healed. My friend couldn’t even tell where my arm was injured.

At another time, I was frying tofu, and the boiling oil splashed on my face. I immediately turned off the stove and went to read Zhuan Falun for two hours.

There were dozens of burn marks on my face. My son bought me some balm but I didn’t use it.

My in-laws came to visit me the next day. My mother-in-law said the burn scars might take years to disappear, but I didn’t take it to heart.

Five days later, my face returned to normal without a mark. My in-law was so amazed that she also began to read Zhuan Falun.

On another occasion a container of boiling water fell on my bare feet. I didn’t feel any pain, but instead felt cool and refreshed. My feet weren’t burned at all.

Life Extended for Cultivation Practice

Master said in Zhuan Falun:

“There is a criterion, however, that the life prolonged beyond your predestined time to live is completely reserved for your practice. If your mind goes wrong a little bit, your life will be in danger because your lifetime should have long been over.”

I’m 83 now. I understand that my life has been extended for cultivation, not for me to enjoy everyday life. I use all of my time to practice cultivation. I get up at 3:30 a.m. to do the exercises every day and I read Dafa books whenever I have time. I also go to the park to talk to people about the Chinese Communist Party’s persecution of Falun Dafa.

Several things happened in recent years that caused me to gain a deeper understanding of the seriousness of cultivation.

One day my children prepared some seafood for dinner. I had some shrimp and crab. I didn’t know they were raw when I ate them. Soon after I finished dinner, I felt very uncomfortable. I wanted to throw up, and had loose bowels. My head was dizzy and I almost fell over.

I asked Master to help me again and again in my heart. I went back to my room and lay on the bed. I didn’t tell my children. I soon fell asleep. When I woke up an hour later, I felt fine, as if nothing had happened.

Another time, my children wanted to play mahjong and asked me to join them. I told them Master wouldn’t want us to play, as it was gambling.

My children said that I could return the money or use the money for grocery shopping if I won, and that it wasn’t gambling.

I agreed and joined them. While we were playing, I suddenly felt very uncomfortable. My children were very worried and they helped me back to my room to rest. After they left, I immediately recovered.

I enlightened that Master was giving me a hint that I shouldn’t play mahjong with them.

Stay Righteous While Clarifying the Facts

Jiang Zemin, the former head of Chinese Communist Party, launched the nationwide crackdown of Falun Dafa in July 1999. Demonizing propaganda was spread all over China to incite hatred among the public.

Having benefited from the practice so much, I felt a strong responsibility to step out and help people learn the facts. I have been going out to distribute flyers and talk to people about the persecution every day.

I met a paralyzed man in a wheelchair at a park one day. I told him the miraculous healing effects of Falun Dafa and asked him to repeat the nine lucky words “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is good.”

Just when I finished talking to him, his wife came over and I also talked to her. I had run out of materials at that time, so I asked if I could meet her at the same place the next day.

She came back the next day, and told me that her husband felt much better after repeating the nine lucky words. I told her that she could ask her entire family to recite the words, and I gave her some materials about Falun Dafa.

I ran into her again sometime later. She was very happy to see me. She said her husband had improved a lot, and could now walk and read.

A young man gave me his seat on the bus one day. I thanked him and gave him a DVD about Falun Dafa. I also wanted to give a DVD to the man sitting behind me. That young man took the DVD and said to me, “You can’t distribute this. It’s illegal.”

“If you don’t want it, please return it to me and I will give it to others.”

He took out his ID. It turned out he was a police officer.

I wasn’t nervous or afraid at all and said to him, “If you don’t watch it, please give it to other people to let them watch it.”

He eventually changed his mind and said to me, “I want to watch it.” He soon got off the bus, and before he left, reminded me to stay safe.

I met a tall young man on the street one day and I gave him a DVD. He took it and asked me what else I had. So I opened my bag and gave him a booklet. He continued to ask me what other materials I had.

“Do you know what I do?” he said. He suddenly grabbed my bag and took out another booklet.

“You haven't read the booklet yet!” I took it back immediately.

In fact, I had another backpack with more materials. He only saw the small shoulder bag I was carrying.

I asked Master to help me. The man froze and I left immediately.

I wasn’t always able to escape so easily. I have been arrested and taken to the police station seven times while clarifying the facts to people, but each time I was able to persuade several police officers or security personnel to quit the Chinese Communist Party.

I was once arrested with six other practitioners. We cooperated with each other and persuaded 32 officers to quit the Party.

I deeply know that without Master’s protection, I wouldn’t be able to walk my cultivation path today. Master gave me wisdom and strengthened my righteous thoughts, enabling me to validate the Fa in front of evil.

Dafa is the most important thing in my life and I cherish it enormously. Words can’t express my gratitude to Master. I can only do the three things well and be more diligent in cultivation to repay Master’s grace.

I welcome fellow practitioners point out to me anything improper.