(Minghui.org) The police forced their way into Ms. Ma Jie's home on May 10, 2016, while Ms. Ma, her brother Mr. Ma Minghai, and nine other Falun Gong practitioners were studying the teachings of Falun Gong. They arrested everyone, ransacked Ms. Ma's home, and confiscated many of her personal belongings.

The 11 practitioners were taken to the Xilan Road Police Station and interrogated. Six were released that evening, while the remaining five were transferred to the Wujiabao Detention House.

They were held for 15 days in the detention house before being transferred to the Qindu District Detention Center on May 25, 2016.

Three practitioners have been released, but Ms. Ma and her brother are still being held in the detention center.

The Qindu District Procuratorate approved their arrest on July 1, 2016. Ms. Ma and her brother are now facing prosecution.

Ms. Ma's attorney tried to visit her on July 6, but was not allowed to. He filed a complaint with the Xianyang City Procuratorate but has yet to receive a reply.

Mother Roughly Handled by Police

Ms. Ma's 81-year-old mother went to the Qindu Police Department to request her children's release on June 1, 2016. Officer Lei Shaowei pushed the elderly woman out of the building before kicking her, which severely injured her back.

She later experienced dizziness and lost consciousness several times. She had to be taken to the hospital for emergency treatment on June 3 after losing consciousness again.

Prior History: Ms. Ma's Husband Beaten to Death

Ms. Ma, now 68, was first arrested on August 31, 2002, along with her husband Mr. Wang Dawei (also known as Wang Weizhen). He was beaten to death five days later. He was 57 at the time

Ms. Ma was hung up and beaten until she lost consciousness. She was held for more than eight months and released in May 2003.

She was arrested for the second time in March 2004 for talking to people about the persecution. She was imprisoned at Xi'an Women's Forced Labor Camp for two years.

Mr. Ma Arrested and Imprisoned

Mr. Ma Minghai, 60, was repeatedly arrested for his belief. He was imprisoned in Zaozihe Forced Labor Camp for three-and-a-half years. This included being held in solitary confinement for over a year and denied family visits.

He was arrested again on July 15, 2003, for putting out on the Internet the persecution his family had suffered. He was sent to Zaozihe Forced Labor Camp for a year and a half.

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