(Minghui.org) It has been two years since I started practicing Falun Dafa at the age of 64. The date, March 11, 2014, is firmly imprinted in my mind. I purchased Zhuan Falun at the Tianti Bookstore while in Canada and decided to study the Fa and do the exercises daily.

When reading the Fa, I came across a paragraph by Master that told me that I am extremely lucky and blessed to be a Falun Dafa practitioner during the Fa-Rectification period.

Master said:

“What is a Dafa disciple? Who is worthy of being a Dafa disciple?” If one doesn’t have the requisite predestined relationship, he really cannot come in, and this is the case for those who have just come in, as well.” (“What is a Dafa Disciple” from Teaching the Fa at the Conference XI)

Benefiting from Dafa

Before I began to practice Falun Dafa, I suffered from bowel obstruction. Within two months of doing the exercises, I had recovered from my illness.

Furthermore, I no longer need to wear reading glasses when I study the pocket version of Zhuan Falun. Surprisingly, I also grew a new tooth.

My health is better than it ever has been, and I am always in a good mood because of cultivation.

I returned to China in the fall of 2014 and continued to study the Fa and I did the exercises at home. But I only had the ebook version of Zhuan Falun and Master's new articles, as I was prohibited from bringing the actual book with me to China.

I was practicing by myself, but felt that I would greatly benefit from being around other practitioners. I kept an eye out and finally met two local practitioners handing out Falun Dafa informational materials at the local market in June 2015.

They gave me a copy of Zhuan Falun and some of Master's new articles. Since then, I have been distributing Dafa materials and telling people the truth about this cultivation practice.

These two practitioners were very patient and helpful, especially since they understood that much of what a practitioner should do was new to me. I quickly understood how important it was to cooperate with fellow practitioners and looked forward to meeting with them weekly.

Reading experience sharing articles on the Minghui website is very helpful. Now, I read all the sharing articles that are published, which have encouraged me to improve my character.

Elderly Lady Withdraws from the CCP

On one of my daily walks, I came across an elderly lady. I asked if she had heard about the movement to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

While she acknowledged that she had not been aware of it, she pointed out that as an 84 year old woman, she no longer was a member of the CCP and its affiliated organizations, or the Chinese Youth League. She had stopped paying the membership fees, thus she was no longer considered a member.

I told her that this was not good enough, as she had to truly withdraw from the bottom of her heart. She readily agreed to withdraw.

Before we parted ways, I told her to recite the two sentences, “Falun Dafa is good, and the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance are good.” I explained that this would help her when facing problems.

Peasant: Quitting the Young Pioneers

There was a peasant at the entrance of a park, and I stopped to chat with him. He was in town visiting his daughter, but would soon return home.

My topic was, as always, quitting the CCP. He had not heard about it, but had joined the Young Pioneers while at school. I explained to him the importance of quitting the CCP, and he agreed without further discussion.

When it was time to say goodbye, I told him, just as I always do, to recite the two Dafa sentences when facing troubles.

Middle-Aged Woman Hopes to Meet Again

When I visited a local market, a stylish middle-aged woman was choosing preserved duck eggs carefully. To start the conversation, I asked if there was any trick in choosing the good ones. She shared her knowledge with me.

Next, I asked her if she had heard of withdrawing from the CCP and if she used to be a member of any of its affiliated organizations.

Just like so many others, she had not heard about withdrawing from the CCP, but that she had joined the two CCP affiliates, the Youth League and Young Pioneers. She did not hesitate to quit both of them.

Before we said our goodbyes, she told me that she hoped to see me every morning in the market.

Explaining the Criminal Complaints Against Jiang Zemin

People living near schools also needed to hear the truth about Falun Dafa. So, in the hope of coming across more people, I went there at lunch time.

At the entrance was an elderly lady, and I started to chat with her. She was very talkative and told me that she just came from visiting her son.

Since she had not joined the CCP, I told her about the criminal complaints against Jiang Zemin, the former head of the communist regime, who launched the persecution of Falun Dafa.

I talked about the thousands of criminal complaints against Jiang that were submitted to the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate.

There was no doubt in her mind that Jiang should be taken to court for all the miseries he caused the Chinese people.

Before leaving she promised to tell her family to quit the CCP and what she had learned about Dafa and the persecution.