(Minghui.org) My mother started practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. So I had exposure to Falun Dafa when I was little. In 2007 I decided to become a practitioner. I am very proud to be a practitioner during the Fa-rectification period and cannot find words to express my gratitude towards Master. Here I will share some of my cultivation experiences.

As a young man, I always showed off my capabilities. It led others to have bad feelings toward me. However, I did not pay enough attention to this improper behavior; instead, I got worse. Others disliked me as a result. Moreover, I easily lost my temper, said things that hurt others, and quarreled with others, even with my mother and other practitioners.

I realized some things: An attachment will likely become stronger and stronger if a practitioner is not aware of it. Attachments bring karma, which then accumulates in our fields. Then in his/her dimension, a practitioner would feel bad in their body and soul. As an example of this; my attachment brought trouble to my life and work, and my relationships with others became strained. I felt miserable and lonely!

It was from studying the Fa, that I realized gradually that all my troubles were caused by my attachments. I started to change my attitude, and learned to humble myself and get along with others. After I removed these strong attachments, everything changed completely. And I felt so relaxed and happy from deep inside.

As a senior undergraduate student, I had a strong attachment to lust. I could not help looking at pretty women on the street, and at times I could not control myself and watched pornographic movies. Soon after my health and physical situation turned worse, and the base of my thigh became festered. It was very painful, and I had difficulty walking. It lasted for a week.

This tribulation woke me up. I realized that, as a practitioner, I should completely eliminate my attachment to lust. Even some non-practitioners warn themselves with some old sayings, such as: “Of all the vices, lewdness is the worst” and “Indulging your lust is equivalent to holding a knife to your head.” It is even more serious for practitioners.

I kept an eye on each of my thoughts. If a bad thought flashed into my head, I would immediately eliminate it without any excuse. Moreover, I took more opportunities to send forth righteous thoughts to dissolve this attachment.

My personal understanding is that each level has its own standards, and the standards cannot be altered. A practitioner cannot reach a certain level if he/she does not meet the standards at that level.

Please correct me kindly for any errors!