(Minghui.org) I am of Chinese origin, and in my late fifties. I started practicing Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) in 2014, after learning about the practice from watching New Tang Dynasty (NTD) television programs.

By watching NTD I learned that this practice can improve one's physical health and morals. It is a true cultivation practice of high virtue.

I wanted to learn, but didn't know any Falun Dafa practitioners who could teach me. I searched online, and found the Falun Dafa website. Everything that I needed to know was there, including a video of Master demonstrating the five exercise movements, and the book Zhuan Falun, the main text that practitioners read.

Master said,

“Predestination is already established,Fa is being cultivated,Read the book more,Consummation is near.”(“Settle the Heart” from Hong Yin)

Master Adjusts My Body

I decided to purchase Zhuan Falun. When I received the book in the mail, a great sense of gratitude rose up from deep in my heart - It was my treasure.

I wanted to surf the Internet after receiving the book, but my computer wouldn't work. I tried a couple of times, but still nothing happened. I suddenly realized that I shouldn't waste my time browsing the Internet, but should instead start reading Zhuan Falun.

I felt very light in bed that night. After a while, I experienced a force pushing my body down. I couldn't move. A piece of white cloud then entered my body through the top of my head.

After studying the Fa, I understood that Master was adjusting and purifying my body.

Improving my Xinxing Helps Me Identify Good from Bad

My xinxing has improved greatly in a short period of time because I have been diligent in studying the Fa.

I used to be impatient, and always insisted on explaining myself whenever I ran into a conflict. After studying the Fa for a while, I realized that it’s important for practitioners to look inward and eliminate their attachments.

When a conflict arises, I can now remain calm, and I'm no longer attached to explaining myself.

I also have a better understanding of spotting the difference between good and bad. My sister sent me a slide show in early 2016, with beautiful pictures and short statements underneath that expressed a principle or idea.

Previously, I would have copied them and learned from them, as though they were of great value. Now, I don't read them at all.

When my sister contacted me via video link, she asked me whether I had looked at the statements on the slide show she sent. I told her that I had glanced at a few, but didn't want to go further, as they were teaching people how to pursue personal benefits, which is exactly what practitioners should let go of.

I explained to her in greater detail about Falun Gong, and why it is good. She understood, and quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The next time we spoke on a video call she looked much healthier.

When I asked what happened, she said, “It must be that you helped me eliminate the mark of the beast.”

We Need to Do What Practitioners Should Do

In addition to studying the Fa and practicing the exercises, over the past two years I have participated in many Dafa activities, including distributing newspapers, talking to people about Falun Gong and the persecution, helping people quit the CCP, and distributing Shen Yun materials.

I experienced the power of the Fa, and greatly appreciate Master's care and help in improving my xinxing.

In order to assimilate to the Fa as quickly as possible, studying the Fa and listening to Master's lectures have become priorities in my daily life.

I obtained the Fa quite late, but Master has nonetheless accepted me as a practitioner. It is now up to me to cultivate.

As long as I practice diligently, I will assimilate to the Fa, as I'm walking on the path arranged by Master.