(Minghui.org) I am 56 years old. I am a new practitioner and started practicing Falun Dafa in March 2012.

My husband was a police officer all his work life. He retired two years ago.

I used my real name to send in my legal complaint in 2015 against Jiang Zemin, the former head of the Chinese Communist Party who launched the persecution in 1999.

Personnel from the domestic security team and our local neighborhood committee paid me a visit several times at home but every time I happened to be out.

A group of people from the neighborhood committee once dropped by again. They beat around the bush by way of accusing me of having brought a lawsuit against Jiang Zemin.

They told my husband, “Somebody reported to us that your wife practices Falun Dafa!”

My husband said, “If somebody reported that you are thieves, does that make you all thieves?”

After that incident, my husband advised me, “Stick around for a bit. Just practice at home for a while.”

Stepping Into Falun Dafa Practice

In March 2012, I kept noticing my nephew looking at his cell phone intently. I couldn’t help my curiosity, so I asked him what he was looking at.

He said, “If you want to look at what I’m looking at, I’ll send it to you on your cell phone.

What he sent over was a list of Fa Teachings by Falun Dafa’s Master.

I started reading them whenever I had a free moment.

I thought to myself, “The writer is truly amazing. He seems to know everything. He must be a God or Buddha.”

During that time, my ears kept ringing constantly. Sometimes it got so bad, I couldn’t even fall asleep.

I didn’t realize Master was already watching over me.

One day, my work unit held a function where we passed out canisters of sesame oil to our clients. I noticed there were two canisters left over, so I decided to return them to our storage room on the second floor.

The security guard said to me, “Why don’t you just take them home?”

I smiled but didn’t respond.

I carried the two barrels of sesame oil to the storage room. The guard was right behind me.

I had just put the two barrels on the table when something hit me on my head.

I felt momentarily dazed. I reached out my hand involuntarily to touch my head.

The guard rushed over to steady me. He removed the heavy steel ladder that had just fallen on my head and placed it against the wall.

I went outside the storage room, sat down on the floor, and burst into tears.

I felt my head and realized there was neither a bump nor blood.

The guard said, “Let’s rush you to the hospital.”

The guard knew what he had done and was quite worried and embarrassed. He reached out his hand to touch my head. I moved my head away.

I thought, “I came up here to put away the canisters of sesame oil. Why did you have to follow me? You kicked the ladder so it fell on my head.”

Then, I thought, “Forget it. What’s done is done.”

I didn’t blame the guard. I cried for a bit longer, and went downstairs to go home.

That night, when I went to bed, I realized my ears had stopped ringing. I knew it was Master’s way to have taken care of me.

I had suffered from a bad case of gastritis for years and had severe insomnia. Because I was always sleep deprived, and since I also had the tendency to be narrow-minded, I developed a short fuse and would blow up at the slightest provocation.

I also got sick in any moving vehicle, and would even throw up. I couldn’t go anywhere.

At 27 years old, I had my child. One day several months after I gave birth, I felt faint and collapsed in bed. Later, I was hospitalized and diagnosed with hepatitis.

When I started reading Master’s Fa Teachings, in a short few months, all my medical and physical problems dissipated, so fast that I wasn’t fully aware of when or how they disappeared.

I now often drive around to talk to people about Falun Dafa, and distribute Dafa informational materials, with no recurrence of motion sickness.

My nephew gave me a copy of Zhuan Falun in March 2012. He also taught me the exercises and I then became a practitioner.

At the time, my husband was still working. He was aware I practiced Falun Dafa but he didn’t say anything. His work unit was located in the same part of town as my nephew. Whenever my nephew would ask him to take different sizes of packages home to me, he would always oblige and never asked any questions.

Becoming Part of One Body to Awaken People

Soon, fellow practitioners invited me to join them in a Fa study group and exercise site nearby. I have stayed with this group ever since.

There are two sisters in the group who would go across the street after lunch every day to talk to people about Falun Dafa. They have already persuaded tens of thousands of people to renounce the Communist Party and withdraw from all its affiliated organizations.

They impressed me very much, so I decided I wanted to do the same. I started out by going with them but only passing out Dafa materials.

Another practitioner had a Dafa materials production site at home. I took an interest and learned how to produce booklets. Then, I started distributing what I produced.

The practitioner was later detained at the police station. The police put her in handcuffs, but she somehow got the handcuffs off and escaped. She went back to her hometown. So, I got materials from other practitioners and continued distributing them.

One time, I went out to put up Dafa posters. I noticed a shopping mall with a glass door that would be a great place to display my poster.

Nobody was around when I was putting the poster up. As soon as I was done, the mall manager showed up.

She asked me in a loud voice, “What did you just put up here?”

I answered her calmly, “A Falun Dafa poster.”

She raised her hand to remove the poster.

I placed my hand over hers and said quietly and firmly, “You can’t remove it! I just put it up. Nobody has seen it yet.”

I took her hand away and held onto it. She angrily snatched her hand away and walked off.

I thought she was going to call to report me, so I followed her, but she was just going to the ladies room.

Whenever I went shopping, I would drop by the mall and check on the poster. It stayed there at the same spot for several months before it was removed.

Distributing Materials in Close Vicinity of the Prison

In the fall of 2014, I read on the Minghui website an article about a practitioner constantly taking the train to send forth righteous thought outside the prison.

I was very touched. I thought, “She travels such a far distance, why can’t I do the same when our prison is only about 12 miles away?”

So, every week, I would go to areas close by our prison to send forth righteous thoughts and past out materials or put up posters. I have done that for over a year now.

One time, I was putting a pamphlet under the windshield wiper of a car parked near the prison when the driver asked what I was doing.

I said to him with a smile, “A lot of men love to read about current events in our country. This is for your reading pleasure.”

I handed him two other types of informational materials. He smiled back and took them all.

One spring day in 2015, I was again distributing Dafa materials near the prison and had just placed pamphlets on two cars when I heard a loud scolding voice.

I turned around to look and saw two cleaning crew members. One of them was just cursing and snatching up my pamphlets ready to dispose of them.

I rushed over to stop her, saying, “You can’t throw them away. They are for the drivers. They drive around and need safety and protection. Besides, throwing them away will be bad for you.”

I started to clarifying the truth to her. She refused to listen and walked off.

So, I continued to clarify the truth to the one who stayed. I also repeated the seriousness of throwing away such precious materials.

She told me, “No, I won’t throw them away. In fact, I have several pamphlets and booklets at home.”

Even the Dog Understood and Did Not Bark

One evening in the winter of 2014, I hopped on the bus with a bag of Dafa materials. When I got off the bus, I saw two students walking ahead of me. I followed them into a residential area.

I noticed the office building of the police department was situated directly across the entrance to the residential area.

I hesitated. Master’s words about we cannot pick people to save popped into my thought. I walked right in resolutely.

I went to each unit in each building, starting from the fifth floor down.

On the ground floor of the last building, I noticed the wall was very clean and decided to put up a poster.

All of a sudden, I had a weird sensation. I felt something hot and wet right close to my leg. I looked down in a bit of alarm to see a white dog lying quietly on the ground with its head up and its tongue out, watching me.

I said to the dog, “Good dog. Don’t make any noise. I’m a good person.”

I realized that dog had kept quiet all the while I was going up and down the buildings. I was amazed he must have understood what I was doing and so did not bark or make any noise.

But then, I remembered Master has told us that everything has intelligence.

I couldn’t stop my tears all the way home. I thought about a lot of things, and realized everything Master says is true.

Another time, I went into another residential area to distribute Dafa materials. When I was done, I posted a poster on a pole across the street near the entrance.

It was then I noticed someone was watching. When he flipped out his cell phone, my sixth sense told me he was calling the police.

I quickly crossed the street and went back into the residential area.

Before long, several police officers showed up at the entrance. I kept walking. There was a small shop just ahead. I quickly slipped in.

I asked the shopkeeper if I could leave my bag with her and use her restroom. She obliged after ascertaining my bag contained nothing of great value.

I went into in the restroom and waited there for about half an hour.

During the whole time, I kept calming myself down, sending forth righteous thoughts, and looking inward.

When I finally came out, the store owner remarked that I didn’t flush the toilet. I told her I didn’t use the toilet.

She asked in surprise. “Then what were you doing in there all that time?”

I answered, “I was trying to hide from some bad people who were following me.”

To show my gratitude, I bought a few items before saying my thanks and goodbye.

Afterwards, I carefully examined everything that came to pass but could not figure out what went wrong. All I knew was Master has once again protected me and helped me to use my wisdom to avoid a possible danger.

One day, several police officers showed up at my house to question me if I had brought a criminal complaint against Jiang Zemin.

I told them, “I did. My nephew is a good man. He was arrested and sentenced to four years in prison. Jiang continues to do bad things to good people, of course I sued him.”

They left without ever coming back.

There are a lot more amazing and miraculous happenings since I started to practice Falun Dafa.

Practicing Falun Dafa is the best decision I have made and the most righteous path I have chosen in my entire life.

I am the luckiest and proudest person on earth because I am a Falun Dafa practitioner and have the greatest Master.