(Minghui.org) A retired engineer from the Maoming Petrochemical Corporation in Guangdong Province was secretly sentenced to 9 years in 2009 for refusing to renounce Falun Gong, a spiritual discipline being persecuted by the Chinese Communist regime.

Ms. Liang Shaolin was already reduced to skin and bones and her hair had turned completely grey when her family was last allowed to visit her around 2014.

Ms. Liang Shaolin

As her family has received no updates on her these past two years, they are extremely concerned about her wellbeing. They calling on concerned people worldwide to help secure her release.

Violent Arrest and Secret Sentencing

Ms. Liang was spending time with her parents on September 24, 2009 when a group of police descended upon her home and demanded entry. She refused to let them in, but the police broke open the locks with an electric saw, then took her away.

Her family wasn’t given any information following her arrest. It wasn’t until the next September that they found out she had been secretly sentenced to 9 years for her faith. Still, they had no clue as to where she was being held.

Thanks to several other imprisoned practitioners and their families, Ms. Liang’s family eventually located her at Guangdong Province Women’s Prison.

Cut Off from Outside World

As Ms. Liang firmly refused to give up her practice of Falun Gong, the prison authorities have completely cut off her contact with the outside world over the past two years.

One of her brothers, who is living in the United States, called the prison to inquire about his sister’s condition. He was told that his name had never been registered as family; hence, no information would be provided to him.

Another relative, who also lives outside of China, was also unsuccessful in gaining any information about Ms. Liang's situation. The prison authorities claimed that they wouldn't talk to him because he was not a close family member.

Ms. Liang was arrested earlier, in 1999, and subjected to two years of forced labor. Because she refused to renounce her belief, the authorities extended her term by three and a half years. Her family is very concerned that she is currently suffering abuse in prison.

A Family Ordeal

Ms. Liang is not the only member of her family targeted for her faith. Another brother was sentenced to 8 years around the same time as she and remains imprisoned.

With two siblings in prison and one abroad, the younger sister struggled to care for their parents. She fell ill after their father passed away and had to send their mother to a nursing home.

Contact Information for Guangdong Province Women’s Prison

Phone: +86-20-87413069, +86-20-87413352, +86-20-087413563

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