(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa disciples must eliminate attachments to lust and emotion. Our cultivation status is directly correlated to how many sentient beings we can help save. If a Dafa disciple is unable to cultivate well, it can lead one down an evil path.

Lust and emotion can be fatal to a cultivator. Dafa disciples must overcome them, because only when we are up to par for a Dafa disciple, can we establish our new universe.

The Danger of Sexual Desire

One major factor that causes us to stray from the righteous path is sexual desire.

I used to be attached to lust and emotion, but was determined to disintegrate them after I became aware of them. Right before they were eliminated, those demons tried their last trick on me, attempting to destroy me.

I had a dream one night that another practitioner had asked me to go with her to see a man. As soon as she and the man finished talking, she disappeared, leaving me alone with him, who was very ill. But, to my surprise, before he died, he managed to say, “I love you.”

I began to tremble, which woke me up. I sent forth righteous thoughts until I stopped shaking.

Dafa Disciples Must Be Diligent

All Falun Dafa disciples are high level beings, as we voluntarily gave up our divine state and followed Master to this secular world to assist him in rectifying the Fa. To help people understand the facts about Falun Gong and the persecution, many of us have endured tremendous pressure and overcome tribulations, sometimes even at the cost of our lives. However, when we allow lust to occupy our main consciousness, the desire for comfort and to enjoy life can gradually wear us down, eventually destroying our righteous thoughts and determination.

Master said,

“A person's brain is just a processing center, and all kinds of messages and information go through the human brain, play out and display themselves, and affect that person. The origins of a person's thoughts are extremely complex.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Manhattan International Fa Conference”)

Lust and Emotion Can Lead a Cultivator to Destruction

Messages are communicated through our brains. But if one’s main consciousness is not strong enough to make its own decisions, beings from other dimensions, such as demons of lust and emotion and other thought karma, will send their messages to the brain and eventually take control of it. A cultivator will be severely interfered with by the demons if one fails to sense the utter seriousness of the matter, and thus forever lose the precious opportunity to cultivate in Dafa and save sentient beings.

A non-diligent cultivator can easily give the thought karma and beings from other dimensions loopholes to control his or her body and mind. The following four situations are examples of what might lead to this situation:

1. Cultivators who are single but do not use the Fa to eliminate their attachments to lust and emotions.

2. Cultivators who are married but are fond of chatting with cultivators of the opposite sex. The real reason for doing so is to satisfy their lust and emotions.

3. Cultivators, mostly women, who are fond of arranging blind dates for others.

4. Both husband and wife are cultivators, but have not eliminated their lust.

Cultivation is a process of letting go of human attachments – the more one is attached to them, the harder it is to eliminate them. This is why the stronger a cultivator’s attachment to lust and emotion, the harder it is for him or her to find anyone to marry because cultivators should eliminate these attachments. On the other hand, those cultivators who focus completely on doing the three things well actually do tend to get married to fellow cultivators who are also cultivating diligently.

Cultivators who are fond of chatting with cultivators of the opposite sex should be alerted that lust and emotion can lead them to destruction. They should also know that their attachments can hinder other practitioners from doing the three things well.

Cultivators who are fond of matchmaking have no way of knowing whether or not the fellow cultivators are destined to marry each other. If, as a result of the former’s action, these cultivators indulge themselves in lust and emotion, who is going to be responsible for their futures?

Dafa Disciples’ Paths Have Been Rearranged

Master arranges for Dafa disciples to cultivate our primordial spirits and to assist Master in rectifying the Fa in this secular world. We must uphold the Fa and constantly refine our thoughts and behaviors according to the expectations of the Fa.

Ordinary people are meant to get married, divorce, or stay single as arranged by their karmic relations. However, Dafa disciples’ paths have been rearranged by Master, so it is not appropriate for us to set up blind dates for fellow cultivators. We are Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples, and we have vowed to come here to assist Master in saving sentient beings. The standards for Dafa disciples are much higher, and our tasks are challenging. We should not let trivial human matters occupy our mind and thoughts.

Master said:

“Clarifying the facts and saving sentient beings are what you need to accomplish. There is nothing else for you to accomplish. There is nothing else in this world that you need to accomplish.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2015 New York Fa Conference”)

To do our task well, we must maintain a tranquil and stable mind, and let go of all of our human desires and attachments. Without genuinely cultivating our minds, “conforming to the ways of ordinary people” can only result in being demoted to an ordinary human being.

If one truly understands the seriousness and nobility of Dafa cultivation, a genuine Dafa disciple would not dare to indulge in lust and emotion. The beings in the huge cosmic body’s system all want their kings, Dafa disciples, to return to their original positions. We must cultivate well to be worthy of the noble title that Master has bestowed upon us.

Master explained to us when asked the question, “May practitioners have sexual relations in their marriage?”

“We’ve said that you are cultivating among ordinary people and are not disciples who have left the secular world to dedicate yourselves to cultivation. So your way of life needs to conform to the ways of ordinary people. We don’t deem the physical forms found here among ordinary people to be important. Why is that? What’s being changed is the human heart and mind. If a person’s heart and mind don’t change, it’s all meaningless. If, say, on the surface you have nothing and yet deep down inside you can’t let go of things and are antsy when it comes to these [human] things, it’s useless. If you say, ‘Deep down inside I’m not attached to them and I just see them as things that allow us to keep a human state,’ then I would say you’re doing pretty well. Of course, all of these things are to be left behind when you reach a high and profound level in cultivation. What you do during this period of time can’t be counted as wrong. I’ve discussed it clearly in Zhuan Falun—I’ve talked about this situation.” (Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Switzerland)

I understand that married cultivators need to gradually let go of lust and emotions. If both husband and wife are cultivators, we need to completely eliminate these attachments. Can a cultivator reach consummation if one indulges in them?

Studying the Fa Regularly Strengthens Righteous Thoughts and Eliminates Human Desires

Righteous thoughts are the foundation of our cultivation and are strengthened through regular Fa-study.

Dafa disciples’ path towards consummation is a constant upward climb that is achieved by breaking through tribulations and hardships. We can only obtain a divine state after eliminating human attachments.

Before we reach consummation, however, our determination is not guaranteed, so if human thoughts gain the upper hand, we can easily make big mistakes and fail. When the karma is too great to endure, there is a tendency to choose the opposite path, which can destroy a practitioner’s life and future.

We can avoid making mistakes if we meet the standard for a Dafa disciple. In the final era of the Fa-rectification, Dafa disciples cannot afford to make any mistakes.

All Dafa disciples have signed contracts with Master, and only Dafa can guide us to consummation. Dafa disciples should help and support one another, keep our environment tranquil and pure, and eliminate all human sentiments.

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