(Minghui.org) Major cosmic changes can be seen manifesting on Earth every day now, and it is only a matter of time before the persecution comes to an end. Entire governments are starting to dissolve right in front of us, and we will see more things disappear because they are no longer needed. They don’t conform to Master’s arrangement and therefore have no future. This is quite sobering, as our main mission of saving sentient beings will come to an end soon. Things are very urgent for these sentient beings, who don’t have much time left.

As practitioners, we follow Master’s arrangements, which is the Fa. To save sentient beings, we clarify the truth to them and allow them to make their choice. In my understanding, once they can accept the truth about Dafa, which has created the new cosmos, they and the beings they represent have a future, because they have accepted Master’s arrangements.

If something isn’t a part of Master’s arrangements, it can’t exist in the future. The old forces' arrangements are only for the old cosmos; they don’t exist in the new cosmos.

In my understanding, a being who does not make the choice to accept Dafa is following the old forces' arrangements, and will have their blessings stripped by gods and be dissolved with the old cosmos when it ends; they could also face more immediate karmic retribution. At this point, a being who takes a truth-clarification flyer and tosses it to the ground may have made their choice on the spot and have no future. What a pity!

Practitioners also should look inside themselves to be sure they are on the Fa and not accepting any of the old forces' arrangements. We should use this precious time to remove any and all remaining attachments. Master’s arrangement is for practitioners to reach Consummation, but it’s up to us to follow Master’s arrangements and to negate the old forces' arrangements so we can save the beings we are responsible for. Walking our path well means diligently following Master’s arrangements.

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