(Minghui.org) I am 67 years-old, and have practiced Falun Dafa since 1994. I kept all my cultivation experiences and gratitude to Master to myself until recently, when other practitioners encouraged me to share them. Therefore I would like to share some amazing stories in my cultivation and express my gratitude to Master.

Master Mended My Bones

When I first started practicing Falun Dafa, Dafa books were unavailable. Instead, videos of Master’sFa teaching exercise instructions were played by local coordinators for practitioners to learn together. I later purchased a large photo of Master, which I cherished very much. I did the group exercises every day, regardless of the weather.

One afternoon in June 1995, I was sitting on some cargo boxes, which were piled up two meters high, and loaded in the back of a running van. My task was to guard the cargo on the way to a warehouse. The van was traveling so fast that I was thrown to the ground when we rounded a corner.

I felt very dizzy. The driver was scared, “Are you alright? You better not be injured. Anyway, I was hired by your company, so I am not a co-worker of yours.” I managed to stand up, and calmed him down. I then noticed a bump on my wrist and it hurt! At the hospital, I was diagnosed as having a comminuted fracture, and was advised to remain in the hospital. Knowing that I was a Dafa practitioner, I left and went home.

The next morning, I was unable to move my body. Nor could I get up. I also needed assistance to eat and drink. I thought, “Master, am I still able to cultivate? What should I do?” I was not aware that Master may have wanted me to repay all my debts as soon as possible.

During the night, when I was in a half-sleep, a beam of bright light appeared in my room and later entered into my body through the top of my head. I felt very hot and energetic. I felt grateful to Master, and got up and cried.

On the fourth day, I was able to join the group exercises. During the evening, I attended the Fa study group. I then heard noises from my right wrist, but it didn’t hurt. It appeared that Master was healing my bones!

My Husband’s Illness was Healed and His Third Eye Opened

One evening, my husband brought a raincoat to the exercise site for me. Seeing that we hadn't finished the exercises, he joined the group and followed along with us. He then decided to become a Dafa practitioner.

It might be that his inborn quality was good enough that he was able to achieve a tranquil state at an early stage. Shortly afterwards, his insomnia, shoulder joint inflammation (periarthritis), and bone strain all disappeared.

He commented, “This practice is really impressive. It took only about ten days to cure many of my diseases that hadn’t been healed after a few years of Chinese Medicine treatments. It’s really amazing! Our Master is really able to save all the people in the world.”

Later, his third eye opened, and he was able to see scenes in other dimensions, including high mountains, big rivers, great trees, and running rapids. He was also able to see the Mongolian-yurt-like energy shield set up by Master to protect practitioners doing the group exercises.

One day after I finished doing the exercises at home, my husband was pleased to tell me, “As you were doing the exercises, I saw your body emitting white lights. You were two meters tall and looked like a 15-year-old fairy. It was extremely beautiful. I also noticed something revolving in the area of your abdomen that was emitting light.” I deemed that he was likely seeing my body in other dimensions and the Falun (law wheel) that Master set up for me.

My Younger Brother’s Gallbladder Disease Was Healed

When my younger brother visited me one day, he looked thin and pale, as if he had a layer of dust on his face. I asked him, “Why you are so thin?” He replied, “I am ill and haven't had a proper meal for two weeks. I had to have injections for 18 days. Every day it hurt! I feel discomfort regardless of whether I sit or lie down, or if I'm face up or down.” He continued, “I feel more dead than alive. The doctor said that the problem is my gallbladder, and advised me to have it examined at a proper hospital and to finalize my affairs.”

He obviously understood what the doctor’s advice meant. He said, “I don't have enough money with me at this moment. Could you please lend me 2,000 yuan? We are going to a hospital this afternoon.”

I looked into his bag and found a shroud. I was very worried. He explained, “If the surgery is not successful, please put this shroud on me. I have settled all my affairs at home.” I assured him, “Master teaches that when a person dies, only the largest molecular elements in this dimension of ours slough off, while the bodies in other dimensions don't degenerate. Don't’ be scared.”

Seeing his suffering, I started to read a lecture from the book Zhuan Falun to him. He listened very carefully. I had hardly finished the whole lecture when he suddenly shouted, “It doesn't hurt!” He was surprised and excited.

It was too good to be true! His back straightened up, and he became energetic. He said, “We don’t need to go anywhere. Just cook some millet congee for me as dinner please.” He was now truly able to eat. I reminded him, “Thanks to Dafa and Master, you recovered so quickly! Dafa is amazing. Please thank Master and Dafa!” He replied, “Please give me a photo of Master. I would like to read the book carefully and cultivate Falun Dafa diligently.”

He eventually went back home and later called to tell me that his illness was completely gone.

A Scene of “Heaven's Gate Opening”

My cultivation status was upgraded very often before the persecution started.

Once in a dream, I clearly felt that I was flying in the sky, a blue sky with white clouds and sunshine. I was flying upward as fast as a rocket, and could hear the wind streaming by. Suddenly, the sun and white clouds disappeared with only the blue sky remaining.

The sky suddenly cracked open with a roar. I was very curious and tried to enter into the crack to take a look. As I took a third step, I saw a transparent crystal-made world, where the buildings and plants were all golden. The extremely beautiful golden world slightly trembled. As I tried to enter the world, the crack in the sky closed and blocked me.

The above are my true experiences. I believe that what Master teaches us in the Fa about heaven, and that every sentence of His is real. We really should cherish this cultivation opportunity that will never appear again!

The true miracles that Dafa has revealed to me have made me extremely confident in cultivation practice. All of our family members are also grateful for the salvation offered by our compassionate Master.