(Minghui.org) Illness is an illusion that can baffle us. Illness itself is a false concept. It is not the real reason people suffer or die.

People have been deluded by the false phenomenon of illness for thousands of years and can't break out of this mindset.

As I understand it, illness is a divine being's arrangement, meant to keep humans from understanding the truth of the universe.

Illness is arranged by higher beings, who decide when a person will pay the debts they owe, how they will pay, and how much pain they will suffer. When the debt is due, the switch is turned on.

The malicious spirit that caused the debt to be paid will be released into the person's body. Looking at it from the surface, the person will seem to have an illness.

Illness used to be called a “devil's illness” by ancient Chinese and a “ghost” in Chinese medical books. Master uses the words “...those evil beings...” to describe it in Zhuan Falun.

After the evil being is released, it is allowed to enter a certain part of the body in a certain dimension of the person.

The type, appearance, and role of those spirits differ in each case. How they develop depends completely on the karma people have accrued and how they must pay for it.

These beings are created especially for people to pay their debts, but this is not understood in society.

The karma people have accrued grows larger and larger, and the bad things they do get worse and worse. This creates more evil beings, and their effect is much more severe.

Master said:

“The main one, as I see it, is mankind’s poor moral standard, which leads to all kinds of bizarre diseases that hospitals can’t cure and that medicine can’t do anything for.” (Zhuan Falun)

From this, I understand that everything is tightly controlled by divine beings, and everything has its predestined relationship.

As I see it, the concept of illness does not exist; it is just paying a karmic debt. When the time comes for people to pay their debts—a specific date and age—that bad spirit will be allowed into their body. When seen from a human perspective, it needs a scientific reason. For example, people think the reason they are ill is because they caught a cold or flu.

When a person’s life is destined to end, a specific ghost comes to take his or her life. From a human perspective, a disease appears to have caused the death, and this is used to create the illusion that baffles human beings.

A practitioner with her third eye open saw that a particular person had a stroke because he shot a fox in the leg when he was hunting in his previous life. He had a stroke in this life to pay for the fox's suffering. How much he owed and how much he had to pay was balanced.

She saw that the way the person walked after the stroke was like the injured fox. His illness in the human world was an illusion. Yet, hearing this story, many people don't believe it and think it is a joke.

Do evil spirits cause people's suffering? I don't think so. Debts are recorded in another dimension and, even if you get rid of the spirit, debts still must be paid.

Only those who practice Falun Gong don't have to pay their debts completely, as Master has shouldered the majority of them. Master's benevolent might is boundless and can save countless sentient beings.

Teachers on worldly small paths don't have the ability to shoulder karmic debts for their disciples. The debts have to be paid by the disciples themselves. After the debts are paid, their teacher installs a cultivation mechanism in the person and the disciple then begins genuine cultivation in that school.

As I understand it, Master's benevolent might can't be described in human language or even in the language of a divine being. High level beings can't fathom what Master has done. It is beyond their imagination, understanding, and limited thinking. When gods in the heavens see practitioners who don't cherish Dafa, they see it as disrespect.

When we practitioners are tested by sickness karma, it is not the evil beings that come onto our body nor is it black qi. It is an illusion evolved by divine beings. The symptoms and feelings may seem to be the same as sickness, but the fundamental reason for its appearance is different because it is a test.

It tests whether practitioners are steadfast in their belief in Dafa and Master. As long as we treat ourselves as practitioners and don't think about it in an everyday way, we will pass the test quickly. How fast we pass the test depends on the strength of our righteous thoughts.

Master didn't arrange these tribulations for us Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples. They were arranged by the old forces. We must be clear-headed, negate the old force arrangements, send righteous thoughts to eliminate them and ask for Master's help.

We must look inside to find which loopholes the old forces have seized, or if we haven’t concentrated on our Fa study, or if we haven't put our hearts into saving people.

Once we find our loopholes, we need to rectify ourselves immediately. It can be quite dangerous if we don’t, as we have certain parts that haven't met the Fa's standard and the old forces could exploit that gap to persecute us.

Whatever it is, we must treat the Fa and our cultivation seriously and study the Fa more.

This is my understanding at my level. Please kindly point out anything that is incorrect.