(Minghui.org) On July 17th, Falun Gong practitioners in Ottawa held a cultivation experience sharing conference on the campus of Ottawa University.

During the conference, a number of practitioners presented talks that discussed their experiences in cultivation, in particular, while introducing Falun Gong to people and exposing the ongoing persecution in China.

Gaining Wisdom from the Fa

A practitioner shared his experience of developing truth-clarification software. One day, he ran into a technical problem he couldn't solve. He stopped to watch the video of Master's lecture to Australian practitioners, and deeply felt Master's profound compassion. After watching the video, he found that he could solve the technical problem easily. He learned from this experience that the Fa can bless us with wisdom if we put our hearts on it.

The practitioner often saw how solutions unfolded themselves when he truly concentrated on the software development. As he improved himself through self-cultivation, he learned new skills quickly, and was able to design new software within two or three weeks.

Practitioners who had clarified truth through the Internet ran into a major difficulty earlier this year. Some practitioners were frustrated and wanted to give up. The software developer realized that they could gain wisdom from the Fa. He and other practitioners studied the Fa together and sent forth righteous thoughts about their difficulties. They ended up finding ways of solving the problems after doing the exercises and sending righteous thoughts in a group.

Promoting Shen Yun Shows with Powerful Compassion

Another practitioner shared his experience of promoting Shen Yun shows in a department store. He got anxious during the days when not a single ticket was sold. Then he happened to hear a story on Minghui Radio, in which a fellow practitioner in China offered salvation to sentient beings with great compassion. He was very inspired, and started repeating in his mind, “I vow to put sentient beings in my hands and take them back home in the heavens.”

He shared, “Thinking back about how much Master has suffered and sacrificed in the past years in order to save us and put us in the holy position of Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period, we have to ask ourselves, 'How well have we done in helping Master rectify the Fa and save sentient beings? Have we put our hearts into it and truly treasured everyone who had the destiny to be saved?'”

After finding the bottleneck to the problem, he began to promote Shen Yun with great compassion for people. He felt that his words became powerful. Many people were touched by his sincerity and compassion, and ended up getting tickets to the show. He could tell it was the power of Dafa that reached people's hearts.

Eliminating Attachment in Coordination Work

A local coordinator shared her experience of resolving a conflict with a fellow practitioner by eliminating attachments.

Ten years ago, she had said something to a fellow practitioner, and inadvertently offended her. She realized that her failure to cultivate her speech had caused a tribulation for her fellow practitioner. With continuous self-cultivation, she found her own problems such as complaining, looking down on others, etc. She said, “These bad attachments have lives. They can continue to grow. If one's main consciousness doesn't firmly resist them, this fellow practitioner could be easily corrupted and controlled by them.”

Letting Go of Attachment to Self

Another local coordinator shared his experience of eliminating attachments through Fa-study.

He used to think himself as superior to others. He couldn't bear any criticism, and had an attachment to project accomplishment. He said, “I knew I must eliminate the external evil factors, but sometimes I couldn't realize the internal factors, or didn't realize that my own attachments had kept me in illusion. I realized that the old forces eyed us covetously, especially coordinators. If I can't cultivate myself well, or have a bad thought, the old forces would seize the opportunity, and give me no way out. I suddenly felt that I had too many gaps in my cultivation, and I saw how serious cultivation is.”

He gradually let go this attachment to project accomplishment, and started his mornings with the priorities of the day: Fa study, doing the exercises, and sending forth righteous thoughts. When he read Zhuan Falun again, he found the Fa of the cosmos even more real than things he could see with his eyes.

He realized that the best way to show respect to Master and Dafa, and also the essential thing for breaking through the old force' arrangement, was to concentrate on the Fa with a clear mind during Fa study, solidly cultivate himself, and replace attachments with compassion and altruism.

Many practitioners were moved to tears during the experience sharing. They felt themselves immersed in Master's profound compassion, and in the meantime sensed the urgency of offering salvation to more sentient beings. They were determined to make improvements collectively and successfully walk the final path of helping Master with Fa-rectification.