(Minghui.org) Although I've gotten better at finding the root cause of conflicts, I've recently felt like it is still not good enough. I didn't gain a clearer understanding of the Fa from these conflicts, and when I think of the negative conduct by others, I still feel some resentment.

I’ve come to the understanding that this is because I have not yet met the requirements of the Fa, and I need to make some breakthroughs in my cultivation.

One afternoon, I decided to focus on copying the Fa. I told myself that I would eliminate all distracting thoughts and keep a calm mind in the process. When I realized that the root cause of many of my notions was my attachment to competitiveness, I felt so peaceful and magnanimous – a feeling I had never felt before – and all those groundless suspicions disappeared without a trace.

I went to group Fa study that evening. As I was reading a paragraph, suddenly I felt a strong energy flow entering my heart, giving me a sense of clarity and softness, and I felt like I had gained a new understanding of the Fa.

Under the guidance of the Fa, I reflected upon my own conduct among practitioners and realized that the starting point of what I do is often not pure enough, as it is mixed in with my attachments to showing-off and validating myself.

There are also other murky substances that I have not yet been able to detect. I need to keep improving myself and looking inward in order to transcend this level.

A few days later, I enlightened to more things from reading the articles on the Minghui website, and remembered those murky thoughts that I used to have in the past. When I started to reflect, I further realized where I had fallen short: There was a lack of rational thinking in my seemingly truthful, kind words and actions. I tended to go to extremes without considering how others would feel, I could not handle things beyond my comprehension properly, and I did not have an open mind.

With this clearer understanding, I finally knew what is required of me by the Fa and how I should cultivate myself. For the first time, I seemed to understand what being truly rational meant. I felt like my whole body was enveloped in a kind of righteous energy.

I now realize that no matter which level I have reached in cultivation, I need to continuously rectify myself. When we understand the historic mission of Dafa disciples, we need to carefully consider the starting point of what we do and look into our shortcomings.

This will help us form a more indestructible whole body and save more sentient beings to fulfill our vows.

Also, I would like to mention that reading the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party has also helped me. While reading the booklet, on more than one occasion I have felt energy flow into my heart, and my attachment of competitiveness being pulled out. The arrogance inside me became deflated.

The above is my recent cultivation experience. Please point out anything inappropriate.