(Minghui.org) February 23, 1999 is a day I will never forget. That was the first day I went to the Falun Gong exercise site. My son carried me there, but I walked home on my own!

Life Interrupted at Age 41

My wife and I were riding on my motorcycle in December 1994 when a large truck took a wrong turn and came straight toward us. We jumped off the bike and rolled to the side of the road. We lived, but my legs were injured. I was treated for six months but didn’t improve, so I was discharged.

My medical expenses, which exceeded 20,000 yuan, were not covered since the accident was not work related. I asked to work closer to home, but I still had to rely on my son to take me to and from work, because I had significant trouble walking.

My health continued to decline, and my blood pressure was out of control, triggering tremendous headaches. I eventually had a stroke, leaving the left side of my body unresponsive. I became incontinent and bedridden. I had to work from home, seeing employees in my bedroom and assigning them their jobs.

After five years, I felt helpless and hopeless, despondent and irritable. What sort of life was this? I’d had enough of it. A local instructor came to visit me and told me about Falun Gong. I was skeptical, but he encouraged me to give it a try.

Life Renewed

On February 23, 1999, there was a cultivation experience sharing conference in our county, which the local instructor encouraged me to attend. My son carried me there, and I saw that many people in our county practiced. They were from all walks of life and of all ages, but they all looked so healthy and energetic. I felt ashamed that I could hardly stand without help.

After doing the exercises, they began to read a Falun Gong lecture, so I sat down and read with one of them. I listened attentively when they shared their cultivation experiences. I felt enveloped by a warm and comfortable energy field. After the conference, I told the instructor that I had made up my mind to practice Falun Gong from now on!

I got up and walked home with my son. Suddenly I noticed that I had put my left hand in and out of my pocket like I used to, and my left leg no longer felt numb and had some strength. I was totally amazed! I let go of my son and tried walking on my own, and I did!

When I got home, I could move my left hand normally again! I could hardly contain myself. I picked up a big bag of rice, and I was elated.

It all felt like a dream: I had been helpless and despondent and my son had to carry me, but with one righteous thought, I regained my health! From that day on, I did the exercises and read Falun Gong books with others on a daily basis. My wife and many family members witnessed my changes, and they also began practicing Falun Gong.

Abiding by the Principles and Improving

I began to cultivate according to Master's requirements. My hypertension and headaches disappeared. I quit alcohol and tobacco and other unhealthy habits.

I have a big family. My wife and I were both married before and have children from our previous marriages. When three generations live together, conflicts are inevitable, but we reminded each other to abide by a cultivator's standard. Our family relationships improved steadily. Our neighbors and relatives were all impressed with us and asked us how we did it.

My mother had been in poor health since she was in her 30s. She had severe headaches and, after her stroke, her right leg was paralyzed. She also smoked and drank a great deal. She was known for her hot temper and overbearing personality. After she began practicing Falun Gong, her health and her character both improved. She became more patient and considerate. News of our experiences circulated in the area, and many people began to cultivate.

Persecuted at Work

Less than six months after I began practicing, Jiang Zemin launched the persecution of Falun Gong. I was monitored and harassed constantly, because I worked in the county government.

The county administrators were directly involved in the persecution. They ordered me to give up my belief and attempted to force me to write a repentance statement. I adamantly refused. I told them repeatedly that I did not recover from paralysis until I started practicing Falun Gong. I also reminded them that, precisely because of my practice, I had become a better person, was able to do more, and was much more efficient in carrying out my duties.

They admitted that I was right but said, “We know all that, but we have to carry out our orders.” They changed their tactics by assigning me multiple jobs to wear me out, but I did not back down. I not only finished the work, I was recognized for my accomplishments.

The county administrators took away my award and confiscated most of the monetary compensation. Eventually they forced me to retire 10 years early.

Nothing they did can change my belief. I am deeply grateful for Master's saving grace. My health, my life, and my views of the world and the universe improved and elevated after practicing Falun Gong. I am fully aware of my duties and will continue to bring awareness to people regarding the persecution.