(Minghui.org) An artist's health deteriorated over a period of two years, despite medical intervention. She then hoped that qigong practice could return her to good health. Her search for an effective qigong led to her finding a Falun Gong practitioner. She recovered from her illnesses after stepping into this cultivation practice. Here is her story.

Devastating Illness Diagnosis

When crossing a street on July 28, 2014, I fell, passed out, and was taken to the emergency center of the local hospital. I was diagnosed with bleeding in the area between the brain and the tissue that covers the brain, a stroke from a blockage in the blood vessels, high blood pressure, and narrowing of the arteries caused by a buildup of plaque.

The hospital discharged me after two months. I was weak and needed help to even stand up, due to muscular dystrophy, which is a non-inflammatory, but progressive muscle disorder.

Many symptoms tormented me, including insomnia, hair loss, and dizziness. Although the doctors prescribed many medications, my health did not improve.

I had to be checked in to the hospital in mid-November 2015, because of a heart problem. Further tests showed that I also had heart disease, an overactive thyroid gland, and pneumonia.

Desperation took hold of me, as no treatment or medication seemed to help. I no longer believed that a hospital could help me recover, so I decided to look for a qigong practice.

Benefiting from Falun Gong

While waiting for a bus one day, I met a lady who looked very healthy. We talked, and I learned that we were from the same hometown.

A few days later, she came to my house and told me her story. She said she was previously very weak, and in poor health. However, after she began practicing Falun Gong, she regained her health. She introduced me to Falun Gong and gave me a copy of the book Zhuan Falun, the main text of the cultivation practice.

It was barely ten days after I began practicing Falun Gong that my health improved. Not only did I sleep well, I no longer experienced dizziness very often, and had a good appetite.

A check up in the community hospital three months into the practice showed that my blood pressure and lipids were in the normal range. I also had more energy, and soon returned to my teaching job.

Studying the Fa and doing the exercises are now part of my daily life. I try my best to follow the principles of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.”

Minding One's Speech

My relationship with my daughter was not very good for a while. I made her angry, even about little things, and she argued with me. Sometimes we did not talk for days. Before I practiced Falun Gong, I didn’t hold back when I was angry. I now try to be tolerant.

Master also talked about minding one's speech in Zhuan Falun. I realized that I had hurt people with my words, without even thinking about it. So I worked hard on letting go of anything that could hurt others. I also now understand that it is important to believe in Dafa.

At the beginning of my cultivation, I was not quite sure about taking medication when feeling ill. However, fellow practitioners told me that I should not think of it as illness, instead, I should think of it as paying off karma.

One day, I suddenly felt that all my symptoms, which I thought were gone forever, had returned. I was cold, and my bones hurt. I realized that my body was being purified, and did not take any medication. Instead, I did the Falun Gong exercises. On the second day, I felt much better, and on the third day, the illness symptoms were gone. Now, I am no longer in poor health and enjoy an illness-free life.