(Minghui.org) A regional Falun Dafa experience sharing conference was held at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada on July 10. Ten Chinese and 4 Western practitioners delivered speeches at the conference, sharing their often heartwarming stories of cultivation.

The talks were translated to Chinese, French and English simultaneously. Attendees seemed to share a common understanding that the time left for them to cultivate is very limited and that we all should let go of selfishness and work together more effectively to save more sentient beings.

Clarifies Truth in High School

William is a senior in high school. He shared with fellow practitioners how studying the Fa and becoming more diligent helped him get rid of his addiction to video games, and to better handle relationship with female students.

He also talked about through joining Divine Land Marching Band, he discovered and eventually let go of an attachment to validate himself.

One semester his French teacher wanted every student to give a lecture in the class. Since about one-third of the students in his class are Chinese, he believed it was a good opportunity to talk to his classmates about Falun Dafa and the persecution it faces in China. The lecture went very well, and he received high grades for it.

Every student is required to complete a project on a chosen topic. He decided on a project looking into organ harvesting atrocities in China. He spent a lot of time during summer reading up and researching the topic. He overcame much interference and successfully completed the project.

Save people with a pure and simple mindset

Mr. Zhou shared his stories of improving his xinxing while providing technical support to a “call China” telephone truth-clarification project.

Zhou started practicing Falun Dafa when he was 9 years old and came to Montreal from China in 2014. Tech-support seemed like a straightforward task on the surface but the actual work required a lot of compassion and patience.

Facing practitioners of different ages, education and language, he had to overcome the language barrier and spent a lot of time to repair computers, install software and troubleshoot problems for them.

Mr. Ramiro shared his cultivation story of establishing a company with a few fellow practitioners. During the process, he realized a strong desire to control everything and impose his ideas on his partners. Through cultivating himself, he improved his xinxing, let go of self and cooperated with other practitioners.

“The purpose is to save more lives, not to validate oneself.” Said Ramiro.

Ms. Cong had participated in several Dafa projects including the Divine Land Marching Band and being an accountant for a media project.

Being a band member, she had to practice to improve skill and rehearsal to play in unison with others.

Working as an accountant gave her a chance to uncover the human notions inside her, like cunningness, impatience, self-protection and some communist party culture hidden deep even though she had lived in Western society for many years.

Evaluate each and every against the Fa is her method to let go of the attachments and it also strengthened her will to continue working in the media to save more people.