(Minghui.org) I have frequently participated in exposing the persecution against Falun Gong and rescuing practitioners after I was released from detention.

Not many practitioners were actively involved at that time, and I was asked to handle many rescue tasks. With so much to do, I did not do the jobs well, nor did I cultivate diligently.

The cultivation environment has improved in the past two years, and more practitioners have stepped up to tell people about Falun Gong.

Starting last year, I prioritized projects and gave some to local practitioners. I then had more time to cultivate. My attachment to showing off was removed and my xinxing improved.

Telling Police Officers the Facts

From Fa study, I understand that Dafa practitioners came to this world to save sentient beings. I found it difficult to persuade police officers to stop the persecution and release practitioners, but decided to try. I felt a little fearful, but I knew Master would protect and help me.

I first collected the list of police and selected my targets. I approached them in person or advised them with handwritten letters.

The letters included informational materials. I found out that including messages from a child in the letters was sometimes very effective. One officer responded to my letter, saying that he was moved by my son's sincerity.

When I ran into police officers, I talked to them compassionately if the officers were calm. If they lost their temper, I would send forth righteous thoughts. Sending righteous thoughts not only calmed the police, but also helped me remove an attachment to fear.

Taking on Many Rescue Tasks

The task to expose the persecution and rescue practitioners is very time consuming. I had to give up job opportunities and became fully engaged. I had to consult with the families of imprisoned practitioners, write letters, print informational materials, persuade police to release practitioners, coordinate practitioners to send righteous thoughts, and many other activities.

Since very few other practitioners were involved, I did most of the work myself. My attachment to showing off grew and other practitioners began to notice.

Some practitioners made sarcastic comments that I seemed to be the only one who knew how to do those things. Some asked me to just focus on arranging rescue tasks. Some said I was being selfish.

Attachments Eliminated When I Shared the Work

It seemed that every rescue task was urgent, so I unintentionally neglected Fa study and the exercises. In recent years I started to have problems when doing the exercises. I could not finish the meditation because my legs hurt, I felt tired, or could not calm down. The pain of old wounds from being persecuted came up again. The situation kept getting worse, so I had to look inside.

Pressure from the work mounted. I asked myself why other practitioners who assumed too many tasks like me had big personal losses. Why did I see the illusion of persecution as being so important?

I noticed that materials sites could be everywhere. Why couldn’t the task of resisting the persecution be carried out by more practitioners?

If I did not let go of some tasks, I realized that I could be a stumbling block for other practitioners in their cultivation. I started to realize that local practitioners should take on some tasks based on their talent and skills.

I took action. Since 2015 I have shared specific activities with other practitioners. I just did strategic tasks—procedure updates or address acquisition.

When I did this, I had more time to do actual cultivation. I studied the Fa calmly. I deeply realized that only by calmly studying the Fa could I identify my attachments.

I suddenly realized that fellow practitioners' stern comments were meant for me to remove my attachments of pretentiousness and showing off.

Improving as One Body

Master has asked us to improve as one body, do better, and establish our mighty virtue. The key to improvement is to have a stable cultivation environment so that we all can study the Fa calmly.

As I look back on my 18 years of cultivation, I saw that I had tried to take on too much to improve myself. What I shared the rescue projects with others, I have seen my local practitioners cultivate as a group.

Now they are improving as one body, there are fewer practitioners who depend on others or take on everything alone.

The entire Fa-rectification is charging forward at furious pace. Let us all urgently save more sentient beings and eliminate our attachments.