(Minghui.org) I have deep appreciation to Master (the founder of Falun Dafa) for the wonders I have experienced since I began practicing eight years ago.

Heart Disease Disappears

I used to have severe heart disease, with intense episodes at least two times a month. It sometimes knocked me out for more than an hour. I thus had heart medicine with me at all times.

I heard about the healing power of Dafa and started to learn in 2008. I read the main book Zhuan Falun and did the five exercises daily.

Shortly after I began practicing, I was sitting in meditation on my bed one afternoon. Amid roving thoughts of family issues, I suddenly had a sensation as though a needle had dropped down from the sky and went straight into my chest. Words cannot express the pain. I broke into a full body sweat. I could not bear the pain and fell backward, but it felt as though someone were propping me up from behind. The attack lasted about five minutes. I continued the meditation and I never had another symptom of heart disease since.

Words in the Book Sparkle

About nine months into the practice, I was reading Zhuan Falun after finishing the exercises one morning. The words in the book suddenly started to sparkle and bounce like a child. I thought it was an illusion. I put down the book and rubbed my eyes. When I looked at again, the words no longer bounced, but the whole book was glowing.

How could this happen? I instantly knew that this was no ordinary book.