(Minghui.org) The Fa-rectification is nearing its end. Cultivators who cannot meet the standard need to wake up to have a good future.

Because so many people have not heard or accepted the facts about Dafa, practitioners carry a great responsibility. How we make use of the time Master has extended for us is very critical.

Nevertheless, there are practitioners in China whose behavior interferes with their own cultivation as well as that of others.

Speeches That Disrupt the Fa

In the Chifeng area of Inner Mongolia, someone recently invited a few practitioners to give a speech to dozens of elderly practitioners and those who have not taken their responsibility seriously.

The speakers described the scenes they saw with their celestial eyes, which generated a lot of excitement in the audience. Some even burst into tears. Afterwards, many practitioners idolized the speakers and some invited them to give speeches or “share understandings” elsewhere. This occurrence was very similar to those giving speeches to disrupt the Fa who appeared in Liaoning and other places a few years ago.

The speakers even encouraged practitioners to forget about safety, such as ignoring the mobile phone safety issue and monitoring devices. The main speaker had previously brought damage to multiple truth-clarifying material production sites in Huolinhe, Aohan and other places. She talked about the lost material sites, but in a distorted way that confused people and mislead them.

Previously, someone else had tried to disrupt the Fa by giving speeches and telling practitioners to ask Master for Fa implements and to write down the names of the implements they wanted. Only a few practitioners had participated in that, and thus the issue was not quite so serious.

However, this time, many practitioners had come to listen to those who talked about scenes they saw with their celestial eyes.

These speakers said things that were caused by demonic interference from their own minds. Tragically, their words affected negatively some practitioners.

Practitioners Must Be Clearheaded and Rational

I hope practitioners can be clearheaded and rational. There are no shortcuts in cultivation. We must strictly follow the Fa and solidly do the three things well.

We should not blindly follow someone and engage in unconventional methods negatively affecting our cultivation and truth clarification efforts.

Practitioners must calm down and study the Fa more so that they can recognize words and deeds that are not on the Fa. No matter what truth clarification projects we participate in or how much we have done, our cultivation has to stay on the right path.

I wrote this article to remind fellow practitioners to walk the last steps of their cultivation journeys well.