(Minghui.org) I will never forget the day I began to practice Falun Dafa! I went from living in pain and misery to having hope and enjoying a new life.

Living with Severe Illnesses

I suffered from a number of serious illnesses by the time I was 48. After I had a stroke, I was nearly blind. I also suffered from severe migraine headaches that no medicine could relieve, serious heart disease that caused palpitations and breathlessness, and bone tuberculosis that resulted in grotesquely swollen knees.

My terrible health left me permanently bedridden.

Yet the biggest blow came when doctors diagnosed me with advanced liver cancer. Symptoms from my other illnesses had masked the cancer, which resulted in a late diagnosis. Doctors said it was too late to consider treatment, and they advised my husband to make sure I received every possible comfort and happiness before I left this world. I was so devastated that I thought about overdosing on medication.


A neighbor who practiced Falun Dafa heard of my miserable situation and visited me on October 20, 1997. She brought me a book and advised me to read it. Seeing that I doubted her, she pointed to the photo of Master Li Hongzhi (the founder of Falun Dafa) in the book and said, “This person can help you without receiving a single penny from you. Given your condition, there is no harm in trying.” I agreed and took the book.

I spent the entire night reading this book, Zhuan Falun, and was amazed when I noticed that my discomfort had greatly decreased. This inspired me to continue reading.

Gradually, I recovered my ability to walk and my serious illnesses disappeared. I am grateful to Master and Dafa for saving my life.

Persecution and Truth Clarification

Then the persecution of Dafa began in 1999. I was determined to tell others the facts about Falun Dafa and about the persecution. Despite facing many dangerous situations, I was safely able to do this.

I had just placed a truth clarification CD on a car in 2014 when a fierce looking man jumped out of it, yelling at me as he pulled out a pair handcuffs. I was determined to tell him the facts about Falun Dafa and the persecution.

He asked, “Where are you from and where do you live?” I replied, “I come from Falun Dafa.” He said, “You know you are breaking the law.” I replied, “I have not broken any laws. I am nearly 70 and not afraid of death. Today I give you this CD in hopes of awakening you to the truth about Falun Dafa and the persecution.”

I proceeded to tell him how I started to practice Falun Dafa, how it saved my life, and how practitioners learn to be good people by following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. He asked me to explain more about the staged self-immolation at Tiananmen Square, and the reason behind the peaceful protest by Falun Dafa practitioners on April 25, 1999. I carefully explained it all to him.

As I talked, his demeanor changed. He said, “You are a good person. I will not arrest you. Let me help you get home.”

He then asked, “Is Dafa able to protect me like it protects you?”

“As long as you do not participate in the persecution of Dafa disciples and you treat them with kindness, gods and Buddha will bless you,” I said. “Those who harm innocent people will naturally incur karmic retribution.” I also declined his offer to escort me home.

Amazing Recovery from a Severe Eye Injury

I was tending to a kitchen stove in the autumn of 2015, when a small wooden stick pierced my left eye, causing it to bleed copiously. Unable to open my injured eye, I slowly felt my way to my bed and began to do the meditation exercises. Within two hours, I felt something rotating within my injured eye.

Although the persistent pain was difficult to bear, I was soon able to open my eyes. Within three days, my eye had completely recovered and my eyesight was even better than before. Now I am able to read even small print clearly.