(Minghui.org) Mr. Huang Lian from Leizhou City was illegally arrested in November 2015 for practicing Falun Gong. A hearing was held on March 14, 2016, but the court did not deliver a verdict. Mr. Huang has remained in the Leizhou Detention Center for more than six months.

Arrested and Detained

Cao Bin, head of the Leizhou Domestic Security Division, and four other officers went to the Jijiao Boarding Manufacturer where Mr. Huang Lian worked in November 2015. The police took Mr. Huang by force to the Zhanjiang City Brainwashing Center and confiscated his personal belongings, including a computer, a printer and some Falun Gong books.

To protest the persecution, Mr. Huang went on a hunger strike for eight days. The police force-fed him through his nostrils to torture him. After more than six months of detention, he is now emaciated and weak.

The Trial

Mr. Huang's lawyer and daughter both spoke on behalf of Mr. Huang in court on March 14, defending his innocence. Due to insufficient evidence, the judge, Chen Zaimei adjourned the hearing without a verdict.

The public prosecutor insisted that Mr. Huang be fined, and said that even though Mr. Huang had not violated any laws by practicing Falun Gong, he should still be penalized.

When Mr. Huang's family saw him in court, they were shocked by how emaciated and weak he had become in just six months. They did not recognized him at first.

Responsible parties:Chen Zaimei (陈再美), judge, Leizhou Court, +86-13659722188Mr. Ma (马庭长), Court President, +86-18476098860Wang Daoxin(王道新), Leizhou City 610 Office, +86-13590006669Cao Bin, head of the domestic security division, +86-13702691968