(Minghui.org) Our human notions may come from our everyday lives or previous lifetimes. Because they are deeply embedded, we may sometimes go along with them.

We need to be aware of this and treat it seriously; otherwise, although we want to be diligent and do the three things well, our human notions may interfere with us and we may not realize it.

Not Taking Our Own Thoughts for Granted

Here is one example. I occasionally enlighten to some Fa principles, and I may accept those thoughts and use them to guide my practice without examining them further. However, as time goes on, some surface notions may have negative effects. That is, although I study the Fa for hours, my progress is slow—because I've been holding onto my own thoughts. After some time, I may be able to recognize this issue and resolve it. But once again I may end up restricting myself to other kinds of thoughts.

We should maintain a pure and sacred mind when studying the Fa. This allows us to understand the Fa principles better and assimilate ourselves to them.

Continually Looking Within

I've realized that cultivating ourselves requires us to look inward continuously, not just when we run into problems. During the process, some thoughts we have may not be correct so we need to use the Fa as our guide, and eliminate any impure thoughts whenever we are aware of them.

From Master's teaching, we know that ancient practices did not take place in everyday society because practitioners could easily go astray in this complicated environment. As Dafa disciples, however, this is resolved because Falun Dafa is very profound and powerful and the cultivation we do directly targets our fundamental attachments. We have to be alert and clean up any interfering elements. Only in this way can we truly assimilate to the Fa.

We know that the principles of Falun Dafa help us become selfless. To achieve a state of complete selflessness, we have to rectify our thoughts at the most fundamental levels.