(Minghui.org) When I heard fellow practitioners talk about another practitioner from outside my area, I decided to go see her. But out of fear and because of distractions, I changed my mind. Although I looked inward for two days, I could not find anything wrong. I tried to maintain righteous thoughts, but my state of mind did not improve.

In the morning, before I was going to finally meet with her, I clearly felt that something was stopping me. I wanted to break through this negative substance, because it would hinder the overall improvement. Suddenly, 30 minutes before it was time to leave, the verse of the second Dafa exercise came to my mind. I decided to do the second exercise.

While doing the exercise, I felt a very strong energy field, and my attachment slowly became clear to me–I was proud. After this awareness, I felt that the substance had disappeared. My mind became peaceful and calm. The wandering thoughts were gone as well.

Shortly after, I wondered what to say to the fellow practitioner. I continued doing the exercise, as I was certain that this thought was not mine. Soon after, I saw a substance on my body, which came from wanting to preach. After recognizing the attachment and eliminating it, my body and mind entered a state of calmness and relaxation. I lack the words to describe this feeling. Then it was time to leave.

With a mind at peace and without intent, I met with my fellow practitioner. I was inspired by the discussion with her and was able to recognize my shortcomings.

I did not take the Dafa exercises seriously. Instead, I was too lazy to do them. Through this experience, I indeed learned the importance of doing the exercises during Fa-rectification cultivation. It not only transforms our true body but also improves our cultivation. I tried to describe my understanding, but some thoughts cannot be expressed in words due to my limited cultivation level.

I also learned that Teacher arranges for us practitioners to meet and cooperate, so that we can complement one another and improve together. We should constantly look inward. By doing so, we can form one body and do a better job of denying the old forces’ arrangements and validating the extraordinary nature of Dafa.