(Minghui.org) I am a retired doctor in my upper 70s, who moved to Canada from China over a decade ago. I am healthy and even my hair is still its natural color. I am also very energetic. I know that my good health and disposition are due to my practicing Falun Dafa.

Health Issues Resolved

As a youngster I was rather unhealthy. I had to stop my studies twice in secondary school. By the time I was 60, I suffered from more than 10 ailments, such as arthritis, a slipped disc, and a form of tuberculosis that affects the lymph nodes. It cost me a few thousand yuan for treatments annually.

All my illnesses disappeared after I practiced Falun Dafa, and I have not taken any medicine for 20 years.

Eyesight Improves after Just One Thought

When I arrived in Canada, I was given a health exam. During my eye exam, I could see all the symbols clearly on the eye chart. The doctor was quite surprised by this.

I used to wear glasses with thick lenses. I remember clearly the day I was reading a Dafa book and thought, “Why do I need glasses?” After just that one thought, I could read without glasses.

Dafa Endows Me with Wisdom

I now play the clarinet in the Divine Land Marching Band. When I joined the band, I had no knowledge of music. After some practice, I could play a few songs. Now I participate in parades and have not missed a single one.

My family made a video of me playing Dafa songs. They took the video back to China. It surprised many of my relatives, because they knew that I was illiterate when it came to music.