(Minghui.org) My husband came down with a very high fever that persisted for a long time. We visited numerous doctors in eight hospitals, but not one could find the cause of the fever. Shortly after practicing Falun Dafa, he recovered.

No Diagnosis After Spending 50,000 Yuan

My husband and I are farmers, which is very physically demanding. Years of rigorous physical labor caused my husband to come down with rheumatoid arthritis. His limbs hurt, and he had a difficult time getting out of bed, much less do farm work.

His condition deteriorated and he experienced a high fever, but doctors could not determine what was causing it. They suggested that it might be liver disease, and recommended that we see a well-known liver specialist in Yantai.

This doctor ruled out liver disease, but suggested that he might have leukemia. They referred us to other specialists, but they also could not find the root cause. Meanwhile, his condition worsened.

More than 20 days later, and after spending over 50,000 yuan, we decided to take my husband home.

Extraordinary Recovery

I have practiced Falun Dafa for many years, and had encouraged him to practice as well. However, he had always been reluctant to do so. Since no doctor could help him, he finally agreed to give Falun Dafa a try.

I read Zhuan Falun to him at first. His temperature came down after the first day, and it went down further the following day. On the fourth day, his temperature returned to normal.

We were thrilled and amazed. After trying different medications and seeing numerous doctors to no avail, my husband's fever was gone after four days of simply listening to me read Zhuan Falun.

His other illnesses were gone within two months, and he was full of energy.

Doctors Are Amazed

We went for another checkup, and the doctors were shocked. They insisted that we tell them what returned my husband to good health. We told them that it was Falun Dafa.

One doctor turned to the other and said, “Can you believe that? You could not help him and sent him home, but Falun Dafa cured him in four days.” The other doctor responded, “Yes, Falun Dafa beat me!”

“Falun Dafa is amazing,” said a nurse. “Please continue practicing.”

“I’ve heard that Falun Dafa was good before this,” said another doctor. “Keep practicing since Falun Dafa is responsible for your good health. Don’t we all want that?”