(Minghui.org) I went to bed one night around 10:00 p.m. after reading Master's newest lecture. Through my celestial eye, I saw splendid and wonderful scenes.

There were many people in a large hall filled with banquet tables. Everyone was waiting for a celebration. I saw a fellow practitioner with white clothes standing across from me.

I walked towards the practitioner, but he did not say anything. He only looked at me very seriously.

I was able to see the practitioner's inner heart without any reservation, and I myself, did not have any human attachments or notions.

We both walked forward, side by side and spread honeydew (such as raising awareness) in a bowl that we carried. We climbed many steps and reached the highest part after overcoming many difficulties.

The scene of impending success was splendid and wonderful. It manifested as an auspicious cloud that was flowing around.

It seemed that a big gate opened in the sky, and music with drums and bells could be heard. Master appeared with boundless golden rays. He only showed up briefly, then he resumed his human appearance with a suit and tie, and left for the human world.

The fellow practitioner and myself appeared completely like divine beings. I saw that my body was immensely huge. I looked at one of my fingers and could not see its entire form.

I saw that there were three connected gold diamonds on my hand, and I seemed to understand: we need to cooperate well without any human attachments or notions to walk the last leg of our journey. Only by being pure and indestructible like diamond can each practitioner reach that goal.