(Minghui.org) My 93-year-old father was hit by a car in April 2016 and suffered a comminuted fracture. He was taken to the municipal traditional Chinese medicine hospital.

When he developed complications, surgery was out of the question, and the hospital staff told us to take him home, that he wouldn’t live much longer.

Three days later, however, my daughter sent photos of my father via WeChat to the doctors and nurses at the hospital, showing that my father was doing well and climbing stairs. His doctor, the dean of the hospital, and the entire staff were stunned!

Lucky to Walk Again

My mother died of illnesses when my father was in his 30s, and he had to be both father and mother to their five children. He suffered a lot in his life and had many health problems.

He fractured his femur when he was 70 and had to have a hip replacement, which made it difficult for him to move around easily. The doctor told us that, at his age, he was lucky to be able to walk at all.

Benefiting from Cultivation

My father started practicing Falun Dafa in 1999, and his health improved significantly. He could walk better and even ride a bicycle to accompany his two grandsons to and from school. He started doing housework and could carry heavy gas canisters upstairs. He did more than most people that were younger and in better shape than he was!

After he started cultivating, he was in several car accidents. He suffered fractures, joint dislocations, and multiple other injuries, but each time he followed the Falun Dafa principles and fully recovered from all his injuries. He did not ask the other parties involved to pay him even one penny.

Recovery from Paralysis

My father suddenly fell into my arms two years ago. His body turned stiff, his face darkened, and his mouth drooped. He also had memory loss and could not recognize his children.

I carried him to the fifth floor hall where we used to do the Falun Dafa exercises and asked two fellow practitioners to ask the founder of Falun Dafa to save my father.

My father quickly regained consciousness and said right away that he wanted to do the Dafa exercises. But he could not remember the movements. He insisted on learning the exercises and said that he would not eat until he had.

Practitioners started to teach him the movements, to read the Falun Dafa teachings with him, and how to send forth righteous thoughts. Right before us, his face and mouth gradually returned to normal, and he fully recovered within one day.

A year later, the same thing happened to him again. My father held strong righteous thoughts and within a few days he returned to normal again.

Patient’s Wish Respected

My 93-year-old father was shopping this April when he was again hit by a car and suffered a comminuted fracture. An ambulance took him to the hospital. After his mind cleared, he regretted ending up in the hospital and kept asking to go home.

The next evening, he said, “This is not my home. My home shines with golden glitter! I want to go home to do the exercises!”

However, my family thought that he could get good care in the hospital and ignored him. The following morning he said, "They have blanketed this place! Take me home quickly!” My family did not understand and still ignored his request.

His condition deteriorated in spite of the treatments. He developed multiple complications, including abdominal pain and distension, fever, bedsores, and so on. He also fell in and out of consciousness.

An expert concluded that he was too old to undergo surgery and the only thing the hospital could do was to keep him on a fast and give him some treatments.

My father's condition had deteriorated since he was admitted to the hospital. The doctor told us to be prepared for the worst. He emphasized that a male family member should stay at my father’s side.

The family then realized that the seemingly good conditions in the hospital were not necessarily helping my father and that he was already on the verge of death. They also realized that they should not force him to stay in the hospital and should respect his wishes and take him home.

He told us that he wanted to return home with me. At home, he could not eat or tolerate an IV. Everyone thought that, given the seriousness of his condition, he wouldn’t last long.

While we were preparing for his funeral, I played for him the tapes of the Master of Falun Dafa lecturing, and I sent forth righteous thoughts to help him. I asked him to hold righteous thoughts, to not consider himself a patient, and to ask Master for help.

Three days later my father recovered. He started eating, the abdominal pain and distension disappeared, and his mind cleared. This 93-year-old man, who had suffered multiple fractures and complications, started walking three days after he returned home.

The doctors had said that, if a young man had suffered such injuries and complications and had no surgery, he would be bedridden for a month and it would be three months before he could even think about walking again. Yet my father started walking only three days after he returned home, and with only slight assistance from a family member, he could walk up several flights of stairs and do the Falun Dafa exercises.

Everyone--from doctors to family members and everyone else who witnessed his recovery--was amazed. They said, “It is unbelievable! Falun Dafa is extraordinary!”