(Minghui.org) My family and I have practiced Falun Dafa for 18 years. Dafa teaches me to be a man of integrity, which can be seen in my everyday actions. When people saw the changes in me, many of them decided to learn Dafa as well. This includes my wife and her parents.

Dafa Changed My Ways

A relative introduced our family to Dafa. My older sister became mentally unstable after she graduated from junior high school. We spent all our money on her treatment, but did not see any improvement.

Zhuan Falun states very clearly that mentally unstable people should not practice Dafa. However, my relative felt that Buddhas are compassionate and that it might benefit my sister to listen to Master Li's recorded lectures.

After my sister listened for a week, her mental illness disappeared. Our whole family was shocked.

Before I began practicing Dafa, I was a selfish, bad-tempered person who argued and fought with others over trivial things.

When I saw how Dafa cured my sister's illness, I too listened to the lecture recordings. They completely changed my worldview. I follow the principles of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” to be a better person. I no longer argued with others.

I currently work as a head chef. When I finish my work, I help my staff complete their tasks, including washing the plates, sweeping the floor, taking out the garbage, and cleaning the sewer.

We eat after we finish our work. I am last in line, while my staff rushes to take all the good food. I eat whatever is left over.

Dafa changed my bad temper. I treat people with kindness and no longer blurt out vulgarities. I always remind myself to think from my staff's point of view when resolving their problems. As a result, people on my staff rarely leave, even though most are temporary workers. Many on my staff say, “I'm here because of our boss.”

As a Dafa disciple, I don’t lie or take bribes. When suppliers give me gifts, I return them. If I can’t return them, I give them to my boss and explain what it is. Everyone in the company knows about how I conduct myself.

Dafa Teaches Me to Be a Good Son

Practicing Dafa has turned me into a good son. When I reached marriage age, my mom suggested that we renovate our house. I agreed but with my own suggestion: “Dad doesn't usually pay attention to cleanliness. When the house is renovated, please don't blame him. He's not young anymore. I'll clean up after him when he makes a mess.”

My parents are very thrifty and frugal. Because they are reluctant to buy good food, I stock fish and meat in the fridge for them.

My dad works as a security guard at a construction site. As he does not cook, I bought a refrigerator and sent it to his workplace, and stocked it with cooked food for him. The workers at my dad's place commented that it was the first time that they saw a son buy a refrigerator for his father.

My Actions Change People Around Me

Cultivating Dafa brings blessings. I married in 2013 when I was 28. My wife was a neighbor who lived two houses away.

By 2013, our family had practiced Dafa for 15 years. Many people knew that our family's home had been ransacked by police many times after the Communist Party's persecution of Falun Dafa began. Some who did not understand Dafa made fun of us, including my future mother-in-law.

“Look at them,” she said, “Their son is of marriage age and has no wife. Let's see who'll let their daughter marry him.”

One of my good friends agreed. “In this day and age, you need a house to have a wife. If you want a wife, is she going to give her house to you?”

What happened next was amazing.

My father-in-law felt we were a good family. He listened to my mother telling him about Dafa and knew that Dafa is good, so he agreed to let me date his daughter.

As for my mother-in-law, I had the opportunity to tell her about my moral values. After we talked, she seemed to feel that I was a good person, and she, too, agreed for me and her daughter to date.

After we married, my mother-in-law truly understood Dafa and learned the practice herself. Her diabetes and high blood pressure were cured in less than two months. When my father-in-law saw this, he also started practicing Dafa and recovered from his illnesses.

Before taking up Dafa, my mother-in-law was well-known in the village for smoking, drinking, gambling, and fighting with others. She often quarreled with my father-in-law.

Before I married her daughter, someone said to me, “How can you even think of her as your mother-in-law?”

Now, my mother-in-law is known for not smoking, drinking, gambling or fighting with others. She found a job and works hard. The whole village witnessed this change.

My wife used to have many bad habits. She smoked, drank, and played computer games. After we married, she saw how different I was from others, and she started practicing Dafa herself. It was a marriage arranged in heaven.

Our two families are now one big family that cultivates ourselves in Dafa. We often have meals together and celebrate the New Year together.

Persuading People to Quit the Communist Party

I often go into the streets after my work day ends to distribute booklets about Dafa and the communist government's persecution of Dafa practitioners for their beliefs.

Once, I gave a booklet to an elderly shopkeeper who sold vegetables. I had just started to tell the lady about Dafa when she rolled the booklet up and hit me with it. She said loudly, “You're so young, yet you're doing such a thing!”

I was not angry, as I knew that she had been deceived by the Communist Party's propaganda.

“You may not be aware that my mother was sent to a labor camp for three years for practicing Dafa. When my uncle was in prison, the police jammed an electric baton into his mouth, and he nearly died. A Falun Gong practitioner was raped by the police. Do you know how many practitioners had their organs harvested while still alive?” I said calmly.

“Is this true?” she said in a whisper. “If so, he [Jiang Zemin] needs to be prosecuted!”

“Yes. Two hundred thousand people have now filed lawsuits again Jiang. Read this booklet. Quit the Communist Party.”

The elderly lady said she had never attended school and thus did not join the Party.

I told her to remember that Dafa is good, and that she will be blessed. She smiled and agreed.