(Minghui.org) I am 58 years old and began practicing Falun Dafa just a few months ago. From my experience, I firmly believe that Falun Dafa changes a person into being good and kind. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), however, does the opposite.

Looking at my past, I was deeply poisoned by the CCP culture. I had a bad temper, got angry easily, and swore. My unhealthy habits included smoking, drinking, and playing mahjong. I often found fault with my wife and argued with her.

In addition, I did not help with housework or the chores on our farm. While my wife did all the work, I would go out and have fun. I never thought what I did was wrong, I just wanted to do whatever made me happy. I did not have any sense of responsibility. Because of my poor behavior, my wife was unhappy and began to suffer from many illnesses.

Then my wife started to practice Falun Dafa. It was useless to try to fight with her anymore. Her morality improved, and she was so good tempered, that no matter what I said to her, she would never argue. She remained in a good mood and just smiled at me. Her ailments also went away, and she was in good health. So I supported her cultivation before the persecution began in 1999.

After the persecution began, officials from the local government, the 610 Office, and police station often came to harass us. I was deceived by the CCP's propaganda and had some misunderstandings about Dafa. In fact, it was fear and selfishness that led me to completely ignore how my family had benefitted from Falun Dafa. When other practitioners came to my home, I was rude to them.

When my wife was taken away to be brainwashed for not giving up the practice, I went and asked her to sign the guarantee statement to not practice Falun Dafa anymore. But she refused, so I picked up my motorcycle helmet and hit her on the head really hard. Hearing the loud smack of my blow, everyone there, including the police, was sure I had hurt her. To everyone's surprise, she was not hurt at all. But a chunk of paint was missing from my helmet. It was really hard to believe!

My wife was also extremely honest in all her dealings. One time she purchased asbestos tiles. When she got home and realized that she had an extra tile, she quickly returned to the store and paid for it. I thought she was being stupid and scolded her.

She calmly explained to me that, as a practitioner, she followed the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. She wanted to be a better person and think of others first. She also explained to me the relationship between loss and gain from the Fa's perspective.

It took a while, but after thinking about what she said, I knew it made sense. Influenced by her, I changed. Once I bought cigarettes in town, and the seller gave me an extra 50 yuan in change. When I returned it to him, he thanked me and said I was an honest person. I told him my wife practiced Falun Dafa, and she had told me to always think of others first.

In 2012, my wife was sent to a forced labor camp for over a year. My life was in turmoil. I am a farmer, but I had let my wife do most of the work. Other practitioners quickly stepped in and helped. They taught me how to grow seedlings, plant them, and harvest the crop.

With my wife gone, my son and I spent unwisely and went into debt. Again, Falun Dafa practitioners stepped in and helped by bringing us essentials so that we could get by. I was touched by their kindness. I gained a deeper understanding that Falun Dafa is righteous, while the CCP is evil.

In the winter of 2015, I finally started to cultivate. I strictly follow Dafa's principles and no longer lose my temper or swear. I also quit smoking and drinking. Now I help my wife with all the work. I never thought it was possible for me to change like this. With regular Fa study and doing the exercises, my health has also improved. I am an entirely new person!

Thank you, Master, for your compassionate salvation. I will be more diligent in my cultivation.