(Minghui.org) I went to see a fellow practitioner and we talked about solid cultivation. “You do not cultivate solidly, since you always talk behind my back and add bad substances to me,” she said. “You are attached to showing off, jealousy, looking down on others, and setting yourself above everyone else. And you always want to change others.”

Instantly, I was taken aback and very upset. Yet my rational side told me that I should look inside instead of charging forward. I apologized to her, but I felt my apology was insincere. I apologized in words, but in my mind I felt differently: “I did not talk about you like that. And I have been helping you from the perspective of the Fa for so many years. While I was helping you, I was afraid of touching your pride. Why do you say this to me now?”

Finding My Attachments by Looking Within
After I got home, I looked within according to the Fa.
According to my human side, in the past when I thought she had no idea what to do, I told her my ideas. When I felt what she said was not strong enough in some way, I would tell her how to say or do whatever it was to improve. Weren't these manifestations of a competitive mentality?
The more I looked inside, the more ashamed of myself I was. I suddenly saw many good features in this other practitioner: She never interrupts others when they are talking, she actively participates in anything that can save sentient beings, and she never complains. Every day, she recites Zhuan Falun, and she always quietly cooperates with me in whatever I say we need to do.
However, whenever I did anything, I was always conceited, had to show off, and conveyed a sense that I cultivated much better than her. And I did this without a bit of humility. I used the Fa to judge other practitioners instead of judging myself. With all these dirty substances, how could I cooperate with others?
When I saw all these dirty, deviated substances, I sent forth righteous thoughts to dissolve them. I was thankful for this practitioner who helped me find so many dirty human attachments, clean my cosmic universe, and expose my hidden human attachments so that I could get rid of them.
When I looked deeper inside, I saw that, on my human side I was attached to appreciating myself, without thinking of others at all. Since I did the three things with selfishness, I could not reach the standard of being broad-minded. How could I assist Master in Fa-rectification then? These deviated substances not only made me uncomfortable, but they also made my fellow practitioners very uncomfortable.
In the Fa-rectification, these are the things that should be eliminated.
Partition Dissolved
Now my mind is very clear and no longer confused. I send forth strong righteous thoughts to have Master strengthen me: I am a Dafa disciple in the Fa-rectification period, indestructible and determined. There is no excuse for anything to create a partition to separate Dafa disciples from each other.
I also tried to eliminate any deviated substances in my fellow practitioner’s cosmic universe that stopped her from doing the three things well.
With Master’s strengthening, I felt clear-headed and surrounded by warm energy and righteous thoughts. It had been a long time since I felt that state of cultivation. My gratitude to Master made tears roll down my cheeks. I now feel completely one with my fellow practitioners around me, purely inseparable.
With gratitude to our Master and to fellow practitioners, I sincerely apologized to her. She cried and I did, too. She said that, when she felt lost for several years, the moment she thought of me, she would always think that Dafa was good. We recalled the happy times before July 20, when we studied the Fa and did the exercises together. I felt the righteous thoughts and determination to diligently cultivate to return to the state of cultivation I had when I first obtained the Fa.
We are one-body. With Master’s arrangement, we must completely dissolve the arrangements by the evil.
If anything is not in line with the Fa, please point it out with compassion.