(Minghui.org) I got to know an elderly practitioner last spring, who had been practicing Falun Dafa for almost 20 years. However, I found that there were many words in Zhuan Falun that she didn't know. In reading “On Dafa” alone, she made numerous mistakes, and her exercise movements weren't accurate.

She even added an extra movement in the third set of exercises. Since she had always studied the Fa and done the exercises alone at home for a long time, nobody was there to correct her mistakes.

I decided to spend one afternoon every week to study the Fa and do the exercises with her. After two months, she was able to do all of the exercise movements correctly.

Every time we studied the Fa together, I wrote down the mistakes she made as well as the corrections so that she could correct them when she reads alone. A year later, she was able to correct 90% of her mistakes. I then patiently helped her to correct the remaining 10%.

I also helped set her alarm for sending forth righteous thoughts, and bought her Master's new books. The practitioner tried hard, and became much more diligent than before. She also actively joins others in letting people know about Falun Dafa and the persecution.

Everything seemed to be going well, until a problem emerged. The practitioner gave me gifts every time I went to her house to read with her. At the beginning, I didn't think it was a problem. I often politely refused to accept them, and told her Master's words to explain why I shouldn't take her gifts.

However, the situation got worse, and she brought some gifts to my house at Chinese New Year. I was cross with her and didn't treat her nicely. She put down the gifts and left. I returned the gifts a few days later and brought gifts of my own, which made her feel very uncomfortable.

I went to her house for the first Fa study of the new year in January 2016. I told her that we shouldn't conduct this kind of gift exchange, for it will make us develop sentimentality between each other. She got upset, and said seriously: “We are still cultivating in everyday society. We still have feelings. You've helped me a lot, aren't I allowed to express my appreciation?”

“We should listen to Master,” I replied. “We can help each other in cultivation based on the Fa, but let's stop the gift exchange. Next time I come for Fa study, please do not prepare any food. I will not eat it.” However upon leaving, she tried to give me some gifts again. I shouted at her, and left without the gifts. She slammed the door in anger.

The next time after Fa study she tried to give me gifts again. I refused to accept them and left.

I looked inward when I got home and questioned why she was like this. There must be something I did wrong, and there must be some attachment that I should get rid of. I calmed down and recalled how we communicated over the last year. I tried to think of what I said to her, and I was shocked by what I remembered.

During every communication of ours over the past year, I was the main theme. The communication was centered around me. When I tried to help her improve, I highlighted myself. I always believed that I was a better cultivator than her, and my understanding of the Fa was more profound. I had the strong notion of showing off and was too attached to myself. I looked down on her, and tried to validate myself in the process. I pursued fame, which caused her to keep giving me gifts as she tried to keep her dignity and face.

The next time I went to her house for Fa study, I sincerely apologized for not caring about her feelings. My tone was peaceful and gentle, and my heart was pure without any notion of showing off or validating myself.

The elderly practitioner said that she will follow Master's teaching and read the Fa well. She will try her best to fix all her mistakes when reading Zhuan Falun, and will stop doing all improper things that had deviated from the Fa. She said that she will get rid her sentimentality, and develop great benevolence to save sentient beings.

Once we opened up to each other and were true to ourselves the situation between us improved.