(Minghui.org) I am 73 years old and started to practice Falun Dafa in 1998. I used to suffer from many illnesses from which I recovered after I cultivated in Dafa.

When I first stepped into the practice, I made sure I did the Dafa exercises correctly. After July 1999, practitioners were no longer able to do the exercises in public. Gradually, I stopped being serious about doing the exercises. When any part of my body became uncomfortable, I relied on Master, the founder of Falun Dafa, to take care of me.

Recently my right knee became extremely painful because of my varicose veins. Due to the unbearable pain, I could not sit in the full lotus position and it was even difficult to walk a short distance. It also affected my neck.

One day, a fellow practitioner said, “You must correct your exercise movements. For example, when you do the first exercise, your 'stretch and relax' movements aren't correct.” I realized that even though I did the exercises correctly at first, my movements became sloppy after some time.

I decided to change my attitude and tried to do every movement well. I now do the first, third and fourth exercise twice every day. The first day, I benefited a lot from the exercises and the pain in my knee lessened. Several days later, I could turn my neck smoothly.

The other day my neighbor told me that my back looked straight. I know that Master, was encouraging me to practice diligently. I plan to talk to this neighbor about Falun Dafa and explain why I am no longer a hunchback.

I hope any veteran practitioners in my situation can learn from my lesson.

Examine how you do the exercise movements and remember to do them seriously, just as you did in the beginning of your cultivation. Everything bestowed upon us by Master is priceless and should be taken seriously!