(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Yan Xihong has been imprisoned in the fourth ward of Tilanqiao Prison in Shanghai since February 23, 2016. His family has not been allowed to visit him or to communicate with him by mail.

Mr. Yan is from the Fengxian District in Shanghai.

Ni Yongbin, an official in the education division of the prison, notified Mr. Yan's family that they were not allowed to visit him for the first three months of his incarceation, meaning that the family members were deprived of their legal right to visit him.

Mr. Yan’s family went to Tilanqiao Prison on the morning of April 6 and asked to visit him. Ni Yongbin told them again that the prison would not allow it. When the family protested, Ni promised to communicate with the ward officials to let Mr. Yan write a letter to his family.

Mr. Yan's family then visited the Tilanqiao Appeals Office, the fourth ward's central office, and the Shanghai Prison Administration Bureau to complain that they were being deprived of their legal right.

Later, Ni Yongbin and another guard met with the family again. The family members told them that the prison was violating the law and the rules of the Shanghai Prison Administration Bureau.

They then demanded to see a copy of the prison rule that said they could not visit Mr. Yan. When Ni could not them show any such rule, he changed his statement, saying that Mr. Yan did not want to see his family.

Mr. Yan's family had already filed formal complaints against Tilanqiao Prison for depriving them of their right to visit. They mailed the complaints to the warden of Tilanqiao Prison, the head of the fourth ward in the prison, and the Shanghai Prison Administration Bureau. In the letter they asked to meet with the head of the prison district to get information about Mr. Yan's current situation and to get Tilanqiao Prison to explain in writing why Mr. Yan could not meet with his family or send letters.

They also asked the officials to verify in writing whether Mr. Yan's legal rights were being protected and whether he has been tortured, forced to undergo brainwashing, or deprived of sleep.

Mr. Yan Xihong was arrested on May 12, 2014, and later sentenced to two and a half years in prison in the Fengxian District Court in Shanghai. This is the fourth time he has been arrested or imprisoned. His company could not conduct business, and his family lost their source of income. His wife takes care of the three children alone and is having a difficult time.

Party involved in the persecution of Mr. Yan:Wang Dongsheng (王东晟), warden, Shanghai Tilanqiao Prison: +86-21-55589900, +86-21-35104888

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