(Minghui.org) When I started practicing Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) in 1997, I was the only one in my family practicing. Now, my entire large family has joined me in the practice. We live our lives by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and we are all very grateful for the practice, and the health and happiness it brings.

Dafa Changed My Daughter-in-Law

My daughter-in-law practiced Dafa with me shortly after I started, but she stopped when the persecution began suddenly in July 1999. She was so traumatized by the persecution that she even tried to stop me from practicing, threatening to divorce my son.

Facing such strong pressure from her, I wasn't moved. Instead, I tried to treat her better and better and let her know how great Dafa is through my own actions. Sometimes I told her about other practitioners and how they benefited from the practice. She was deeply moved by these stories and became supportive of my practicing Dafa. Sometimes she also talked to other people about Dafa and cleared up misunderstandings they had about the practice due to the persecution.

My daughter-in-law later had back surgery and was bedridden for six months. After the surgery, she wasn't able to do any heavy work. I encouraged her to resume practicing Falun Dafa.

It wasn't easy for her to agree to pick up the practice again. But after she did the exercises for a while, she completely recovered and was able to do anything.

She soon started a small business selling clothes. Following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, she often returned extra items given by her clothing distributor and developed a good reputation for her integrity and honesty.

My 85-year-old Father Enjoys Good Health

I still remember when I first introduced Falun Dafa to my father, a loyal Communist Party member; he was yelling at me so loudly that people on the street could hear him!

But with time, he gradually changed his mind and began to accept that I practiced Falun Dafa. However, he didn't fundamentally change his view about Dafa until he finally read a Dafa book.

“This is indeed a good practice! You really have to practice it well,” he said to me after finishing reading the book.

Although he used to have very poor health and his one brother and two sisters all passed away due to a disease that runs in our family, my father is now enjoying good health and happily tends the garden at home at 85 years old.

Dafa Saved My Life Twice

I'd like to share two stories of how Master protected me from grave danger.

I suddenly woke up one night, unable to move or talk. I realized I might have been poisoned by the burning coal gas. My daughter-in-law and her newborn baby girl were in the same room. But no matter how hard I struggled to sit up, I couldn't move at all.

I had just started practicing Falun Dafa at that time and I suddenly thought to call for help from the Master (referring to Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of the practice).

“Master, please help us!” I shouted out in my heart.

With that thought, I sprang out of bed and hurried to turn on the light. The room was full of smoke. I opened the window and awakened my daughter-in-law. She grabbed her daughter and the three of us fled the room. We were all fine.

I had another brush with death the following spring. I had just finished watering the garden far from my house. The watering wand was connected to an extension cord of more than 600 ft. As I was wrapping up the cord, I was shocked by a strong electric current. My body shook violently. Standing by a well about two feet wide, I was propelled to the other side of the well by the electricity, which was then tripped.

I then took a deep breath and looked at myself. I was surprised to find I was completely fine, and did not even have any burns on my skin. Thank you Master, for your protection!

No Longer Fighting Over Self-Interest

We had a small farm about five miles from my village. I brought the watering pipes and irrigation equipment to water the farm one day.

The farm lot was nearly 300 yards long. It had two wells on each side. I often used the well on the north side.

I unloaded the equipment by the well and then laid out the watering pipe on the farm.
When I was about 70% done with the preparation, along came another tricycle. That person went straight to the well and began to use it, completely ignoring me.

As the well was only about one foot wide, only one water pipe could fit in it at a time. This person came from another village. As the well was dug by our village, he wasn't supposed to use it.

I was stunned at first. But then I thought, “I am a Dafa practitioner, and I shouldn't fight with him for this. If he wants to use this well, then I will just use the other one instead.”

I wrapped up the pipes, loaded them into the tricycle, took them to the well on the south side and did everything again from the beginning. I was actually very calm and peaceful.

On another day, I went to a village to introduce Dafa to the residents there and met a young man.

“You practice Falun Gong?” he asked me.

“Yes,” I answered.

“I went to water the farm the other day and used your well. I knew I was in the wrong, and I was already prepared to have a big fight with you. But I didn't expect...”

It was the same person! I told him that I was able to let him use the well because I practice Falun Dafa.

“Falun Dafa is indeed great!” he said.