(Minghui.org) I used to loathe the state security police, the pitiful souls who tried to destroy our family and Falun Dafa. I realized later, however, that they are also victims, and very miserable people, and that only practitioners can help them.

Due to the ongoing persecution of Falun Dafa by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), all four members of my family were persecuted. One was sent to a labor camp and another was illegally sentenced and imprisoned. Even the non-practitioner family member was detained.

I started talking to the police about the persecution. At first, they refused to talk about their role in it, and were very mean. Hoping to dispel their misunderstandings, I persisted and kept speaking to them. When our entire family was questioned by the police, we sent righteous thoughts to eliminate whatever was interfering with them. We told them how amazing and beneficial Falun Dafa has always been, and asked them to withdraw from the CCP. We focused on one thought when we spoke with them: “We are here to save you.”

They gradually began listening to us, and their attitudes soon changed. They became friendly. Eventually, we became friends, and now all the officers we talked to have withdrawn from the CCP.

One officer said to us, “I know you bought a house in another part of the city, but I suggest you keep your identification and living address recorded here. The officers in that other area are not friendly and may give you a hard time.”

I was so happy for him because he had been saved.