(Minghui.org) Many practitioners do not do all five sets of exercises every day. Some elderly practitioners fail to wake up on time, and others are worried that their work will be affected if they sleep less.

If we do not let go of these attachments, the old forces will interfere and try to destroy our cultivation. Even when some elderly practitioners suffer from serious illness karma, they still do not realize their problems. Others refuse to change, even after they finally understand what caused their “illness.” What will happen to them?

To strengthen my argument, I will quote several paragraphs from a series of articles, “What a Dafa Practitioner Who Stumbled Along the Way Saw in Other Dimensions” which was published on the Minghui website.

“I have seen that all the practitioners who had made compromises to the evil persecution, or who were detained for long times, had dimensional fields filled with evil beings, reflecting bad thoughts, notions and external interference. These things all exist with life forms. Every minute, they torture practitioners' internal organs and hinder them from studying the Fa and being diligent. These evil beings have to be eliminated.”

When I returned home, I eliminated these evil beings all night long every day. It took me more than half a year to eliminate most of them. At the same time, I practiced the exercises more, as some of the evil beings were quite large. Because I had been lazy and had not practiced the exercises before, every time I finished sending forth righteous thoughts, I felt so tired that I immediately lied down and fell asleep. Those who have not practiced the exercises frequently may often feel very tired after sending forth righteous thoughts. This is because some evil beings are quite big and difficult to eliminate. Now, fewer evil beings are left. Those remaining have gathered and mainly concentrated in the dimensional fields of practitioners who have not sent forth righteous thoughts for long times, or who have not cultivated diligently.”

Our divine powers need to be strengthened with our mighty energy. The more powerful our divine powers are, the more evil beings that will be eliminated, so I feel we should practice the exercises more often. The second important thing is that when sending forth righteous thoughts, we have to remain clearheaded and not fall asleep. Otherwise, we may bring harm to our bodies in other dimensions or cause our dimensional fields to have some crevices into which the evil can enter.”

“Now, the people's expression began to change. They no longer resented me. Instead, they felt moved, heartbroken and helpless. I knew they felt my heart and my desire to save them and even to die for them. They did not feel disappointed any longer. But they also knew that I was powerless to save them. Some people bravely walked toward me and jumped into the water, they wanted to help me to lift the falling sky. I yelled: "Go back, don't come here!" I knew the falling stars would kill them. But it was too late. Many people were killed by the stars' electricity. Their dying bodies quivered with agonizing pain, my heart felt their pain. I could say nothing but repeat: No! No! A girl told me before her last breath: "Please get up and do the exercises, do not sleep any longer." I told her while crying: "Yes, I must do the exercises; I will get up and do them right now."

“As we study the Fa and cultivate diligently, our own universes are assimilating to the Fa. Since the Fa-rectification is accelerating, the parts of the old universe that have not assimilated to the Fa in time do not meet the new universe's standard, therefore, they would be washed away by the tidal wave of the Fa-rectification. If we want to save sentient beings from elimination, we must be constantly improving our cultivation and catch up with the process of Fa-rectification. Once sentient beings have a chance to assimilate to Dafa in time, their lives will be secure.”

Practitioners know that Master recommends practicing the five sets of exercises every day. If we fail to do the exercises, the transformation of our bodies will slow down, diminish our power when we send righteous thoughts and slow down the process of raising our cultivation levels. Let us cultivate as diligently as we did in the beginning, so that we can reach Consummation!

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