(Minghui.org) I am a 51-year-old farmer. It was May 18, 1996, when my neighbors first told me about Falun Dafa and how it helps people quit smoking and drinking, become fit, and live a harmonious life.

My husband visited a Falun Dafa practice site. After that, the assistant came to our home three days in a row to talk to him about Dafa because our family had many troubles.

“You must stick to the practice all the way until the end,” he said. “This is the only way to help a troubled family.”

I was moved by the caring concern of this assistant, and I decided to try out this cultivation practice.

Opening the Third Eye

After I went to bed that night and closed my eyes, I saw a small tree being planted outside my house. Almost instantaneously, it shot up and reached the sky. I could make no sense out of it, so my husband interpreted this for me.

“You should practice Falun Dafa,” he said. “You're just like that little tree, with great potential.”

So I went to the Falun Dafa practice site the next day. When I closed my eyes and did the holding the wheel movement before my head, a huge eye appeared before me. At the same time, it also appeared to hang far away in the sky. It blinked and was of the same shape as my eye. Again, I asked my husband to interpret this to me.

“It's a great thing,” he said. “You are of great inborn quality, and your celestial eye has opened.”

That was still before I really began to study the Falun Dafa teachings. From then on, though, regardless of whether I was working, reading, or even just washing my face, everything around me glittered.

On the seventh day of the first Chinese lunar month in 2002, my husband asked me to visit the practice site's assistant. When I turned around, I was shocked: Master's law body was there. It was infinite in size, infinite in depth, with a surface like metal, and with beams of shining light. This image did not disappear for several minutes. I have no words to describe my feelings, but I was shocked and in awe.

Extraordinary Happenings

Then, after the onset of the Chinese Communist Party's persecution of Falun Dafa, I was imprisoned for refusing to give up my faith. I was hung up from 4 a.m. until 10 a.m. I was handcuffed and taken to the restroom at night. Inmates poured cold water over me, and I felt the chill was difficult to endure.

Suddenly, two suns flashed in front of my eyes. The two red suns came into the room in the middle of the night, and their heat warmed my body. It was so warm that I began to sweat. My face and body was bathed in sweat, and I felt comfortable. The inmates were shocked to see me sweating. I knew that it was Master who taking care of me.

The division head called me to her office the next day. “You told me about all the extraordinary things that happen to practitioners,” she said, “but I did not believe you. Now I believe.”

Another time when I was hung up, a different division head slapped me. The other division head then stopped her and asked why she hit me. When I looked at the one who slapped me, she lowered her head and began to cry.

Best to Be Friends with Practitioners

When I was released, she cried again. “I know you will continue practicing,” she said. “There are plenty of Falun Dafa practitioners outside, and I often see Dafa informational flyers at the door of the building where I live. Even though they were not caught, you still need to be careful. So be smart and don't get caught while doing that.”

She continued, “I know you are all kindhearted people. I really could not torture any of you. It is best to make friends with you people.”

She also asked me about the requirements for one's practicing Dafa, and how to do the exercises.


There is one more thing I wish to share with fellow practitioners that happened just a few days after I started practicing Falun Dafa.

I once caught a glimpse of a pocket-sized Zhuan Falun that I had left on the windowsill. On the book's spine, the words “By Li Hongzhi” suddenly turned into “The Universe's Fa.” No matter how I examined the words, these words did not change.

I asked my husband to have a look. I said, “Look, Master's name has turned into 'The Universe's Fa.'” He could not see the words. Yet they still did not disappear immediately, but remained for over a dozen days before they changed back to the original words, “By Li Hongzhi.”

There have been many extraordinary happenings during my time in cultivation. However, I will never forget the above incident, while others get fuzzy in my mind.

During all tests throughout my cultivation, I've never wavered the tiniest bit. This is because I cultivate the universe's fundamental Great Law.