(Minghui.org) I am almost 20 years old and started to practice Falun Dafa when I was very young. When I was little, my mom helped me memorize the Fa and recite Hong Yin. I would recite the Fa when I walked to and from school. At home, we would listen to Master's lectures whenever possible.

Swayed by Temptations of Society

When I was in elementary school, I asked my mom to clarify the facts about Falun Dafa to my classmates and persuade them to quit the Young Pioneers. When I got to middle school, however, I became fond of playing with my friends and didn’t study the Fa as much as I did when I was younger. I stopped asking my mom to clarify the truth to my classmates, because once she did, they wouldn't stop talking about it afterwards. I was concerned because of my fear and attachment to self.

In high school, I took the college entrance exam very seriously, thinking it would define my fate and future. I paid more attention to studying academics than cultivation practice and studying the Fa. I developed an attachment to fame and profit and strove to enter a good college. I studied the Fa less and less and became more and more complacent. Eventually, I was not accepted to a good college.

Hints and Warnings

I went home for a weekend in the spring of 2015. My mother asked, “Do you think you can follow Master home like this?” My heart literally skipped a beat. I knew my cultivation state was not good, but my mothers words were like a “stick warning.”

At bedtime, I looked at Master's portrait and told him in my heart, “Master, I have been so complacent and have let you down. Do you still want me?” That night, Master told me in a dream that he still wanted me to cultivate. I woke up feeling very happy and thanked Master.

Master has been given me hints all along. When I was little, if I had discomfort somewhere in my body, it would go away as soon as I studied the Fa. In my junior year of high school, I cut one of my toenails too short, and it festered. Master was telling me to study the Fa more. However, I failed to enlighten to it, because I was too attached to playing with my friends.

About a year ago, the skin around my right eyelid developed redness and started peeling. If I studied the Fa a lot, the redness would go away. If I did very little Fa-study or failed to keep up my xinxing, the redness would return. I realized that Master was giving me a hint to be more diligent.

Making Fa Study a Priority

As a result of my red eye, I started to study the Fa in earnest. I brought Zhuan Falun to school with me and used every minute I could to study the Fa. I found it hard to put the book away. Later on, my uncle helped me download the Fa to my cell phone, which made it easier for me to study when I was at school. Master arranged so many tests for me to pass. Although it was painful at times, I remained diligent and made steady progress in my cultivation.

In the past, I always brought my classmates to my mother and asked her to clarify the facts to them. After I studied the Fa diligently during my summer vacation, I realized that I should clarify the facts to my friends and not rely on my mother to do it.

Clarifying the Facts About Dafa

I had a close friend in high school whom I had always wanted to clarify the facts to but didn't know how. I asked Master for help. One day, the friend asked me to go out with her, and I realized that this was the opportunity I was hoping for. While shopping, I got a grip on myself and clarified the facts to her. It went very well. She quit the Youth League and the Young Pioneers, and happily accepted a CD with information about Dafa. She asked many questions that had been puzzling her, and I answered them all. She came to understand the truth.

I enrolled in a driving school during my 2015 summer vacation. My driving coach was short-tempered and lacked patience. One day, he scolded me for a whole hour. I felt overwhelmed, but I knew very well Master was using him to help me improve my xinxing. Once I settled down and looked within, I realized that the driving instructor was showing me exactly the attachments of which I needed to let go. I have been more patient ever since.

I realized that my driving coach has a predestined relationship with me. I tried to clarify the facts about Dafa to him, but there were too many obstacles, and I couldn't find a way to do it. Not surprisingly, I failed my driving exam. I realized it was Master's hint that I shouldn't miss saving a person with a predestined relationship. I decided to talk to the coach about Dafa and the persecution one way or another.

The day before the makeup exam, I finally found a chance to talk to the coach and tell him about Dafa. He accepted the truth and agreed to quit the Communist Party. I passed the examination.

I had a close friend in middle school who came to visit me last summer. I realized that this was a precious opportunity to tell her about Dafa.

Four of us went out shopping together. Two had already learned the truth from my mother and had already quit the Communist Party. On our way back, I had some time alone with my friend. I told her about Dafa and the persecution, and she quit the Party. She was relieved to finally understand the truth about Dafa.

Highest Priority

Since last summer, I have been going out with my mother to distribute informational materials about Dafa and the persecution. I'm still not that good at talking to people, but I am making progress.

My understanding is that, as long as we have the wish to tell people about Dafa, Master will arrange opportunities for us. All we need to do is go to places where there are people, talk to them, and tell them the truth.

Now, I have put cultivation practice and telling people about Dafa as my highest priority. From now on, I will advance diligently in the Fa.

Master does not wish to leave a single practitioner behind. It was because of Master’s immense compassion that I was able to return to Dafa. I hope my fellow practitioners who are in similar situations can return to Dafa as soon as possible.

Dafa is our destiny, and time is of the essence. Having studied Dafa, we should not become lost in the human world of delusion. Everything in the human world is like passing clouds that come and go, while the Fa that Master has imparted will never change. Let's all advance diligently on our cultivation paths.