(Minghui.org) The New York Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference was held on May 15 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, spoke to nearly 10,000 Falun Dafa practitioners at the conference. After listening to Master's lecture, practitioners reflected that they felt Master's profound compassion and the urgency of offering salvation to more sentient beings. They could tell that Master is anxious to see all practitioners shoulder their huge responsibilities.

Master Li lectured and answered questions for two and an half hours at the New York Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference on May 15 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

“Master Is Worried About Us and Sentient Beings”

Ms. Yang and and Ms. Xie from Germany

Ms. Yang has practiced Falun Dafa for the past 18 years. She attended almost every annual experience sharing conference in the U.S. She said she felt Master had given practitioners a “blow and shout” awakening.

“Master is worried about us and sentient beings. So many people haven't been saved. Master said everyone in the world had a contract with Master. It's Dafa disciples' responsibility to offer salvation to them. It won't work if we don't take actions to save them. Master also asked us to find those former practitioners who had fallen behind. I know all these from Master's previous teachings, but I haven't paid close attention to it,” she shared.

Think in the Way of a Cultivator at Any Moment

Ms. Xie has been cultivating herself in Falun Dafa since 2001. She said, “Master pointed out that our human notions emerge as soon anything occurrs. Master's words alerted me to think in the way of a cultivator at any moment. If I think based on my own notions, experiences, and feelings, I would be the same as an everyday person. It wouldn't work...It's basic daily routine for a cultivator to study the Fa well, do the exercises well, and send forth righteous thoughts well. These are the foundations for clarifying the facts well. My experience told me it would be impossible for accomplish any truth clarification without reaching the right state.”

Master's words about eliminating Party culture left a deep impression on Ms. Yang. She had noticed unacceptable behaviors of some fellow practitioners from mainland China. Ms. Xie said, “Master has clearly pointed out that the Chinese Communist Party has blocked people from the Fa by destroying traditional values.”

On clarifying the facts of Falun Dafa to family members, Ms. Xie said, “As Master told us and a fellow practitioner said in her sharing, arguing with everyday people in their way of reasoning wouldn't work. We have to truly cultivate ourselves; then our words have the power of the Fa. After we improve in our cultivation, we will be able to convince our family members. Arguing is everyday people's way of persuasion.”

Both of them agreed that practitioners have the responsibility of guiding their children well on cultivation. Ms. Yang said, “I didn't bring my kids this time. I was asked by fellow practitioners every day why I didn't bring my kids. I'm reflecting upon whether I have treated my children in the way a cultivator should.”

Dafa Disciples Shoulder Huge Responsibility of Offering Salvation

Ms. Mao Fengying, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Canada

After listening to Master's lecture, Ms. Mao Fengying from Canada became more clear regarding a Falun Dafa disciple's huge responsibility. With time being pressing, Dafa disciples have to seize the time to cultivate themselves well and offer salvation to countless sentient beings. Ms. Mao was touched upon hearing that sentient beings would be destroyed if Dafa disciples fail to fulfill their mission of saving them; it would be a serious crime. She felt the heavy duty on her shoulder and the urgency of cultivating herself well and saving more people.

Ms. Mao said, “Master has given us time again and again. We have to do our best. Even though there have been a lot of regrets in the past, we have to seize every moment in the last stage and hurry up. No words can describe Master's compassion. He bears all for us and sentient beings. We have no excuse to do poorly. Every Dafa practitioner who heard Master's lecture today should be clear about his/her mission in the world.”

Having started cultivation in 1996, Ms. Mao personally experienced the benefits of Dafa. She said, “Even though I worked in the medical field, modern medicine exhausted all means but couldn't save me. I was told that I couldn't live for more than a year because of my kidney failure and cirrhosis. After I started practicing Dafa, the diseases that had tortured me for 18 years were literally gone within a week. Master has given me a second life. I have followed Master to cultivate myself all the time. How can I not do well at the last stage?! I have to take advantage of every second to clarify the truth to people. So many of them have been deceived by the CCP's lies and are in danger. I have to do my best to clear their confusion. There are many channels to reach out to people, including phone calls, the Internet, and tourist destinations. I hope more fellow practitioners will join us.”

Offering Salvation to Sentient Beings Is a Must to Live Up to Title of Dafa Disciple

Shen Ying and Zha Junqing (mother and daughter) are practitioners from Canada.

Shen Ying and Zha Junqing, mother and daughter, started practicing Dafa in 1994. They had a strong sense of urgency after listening to Master's lecture. They reflected that hurrying to offer salvation to sentient beings is a must for one to live up to the title of a Dafa disciple.

Mrs. Shen said, “The key is not doing something, but putting one's heart into offering true salvation. Master has stressed all the time that we must cultivate ourselves well in order to save others. It's clearly the topic today. You must offer salvation to people if you are a Dafa disciple.”

Junqing said, “I had many questions to Master when I entered the conference center, but after listening to Master's lecture, I feel Master has answered all my questions clearly. He has truly told us all the heavenly secrets. It dawned on me that all I need to do is to follow Master's instruction to cultivate myself well and save more people.”

Both Mrs. Shen and her daughter had numerous diseases before their cultivation. Practicing Dafa has restored their health completely. They said they were filled with gratitude and determined not to let Master down.

Investing Effort Is Prerequisite to Offering Salvation

When talking about what to improve, Ms. Yang said, “There are so many things to improve! Master told coordinators to get all practitioners in the area involved. I used to think small activities like Information Days are minor. I simply did it myself. It became my habit, and I didn't realize the need to get others involved. Sometimes I thought it was more trouble to coordinate with others and gave up. Now, Master has told us it's our responsibility, and we have to coordinate well in order to save more sentient beings.”

Ms. Xie added, “Master has told us the direction. It's not a matter of coordinators' ability, but your intention. If you have the intention to lead fellow practitioners to improve and offer salvation to sentient beings, you will be blessed with the wisdom to accomplish it. I used to feel something heavy sitting on my mind because I had no idea how to recruit for the band, coordinate a piano competition, and other things. As a matter of fact, all I need to do is to tell everyone about it, communicate well, and find the fellow practitioners who have the ability. Now I feel relieved, knowing gods will help me if I have the will.”

“Yes, we have to invest our efforts and put our hearts into offering salvation. It's the prerequisite to true salvation,” Ms. Yang said. “The number of people isn't the key. When crowds of people passed us on Information Days, we were pressed for time. Sometimes we weren't in the right state or weren't strict with ourselves. It wouldn't work. Master has listed some examples when answering the question about Korea today. People don't know what their decisions mean to their future. But we have to shoulder our part of the responsibility.”

Finally, Ms. Xie said, “All the practitioners who gave speeches this morning were from North America. Master said he hoped to hear good news of us doing better after each Fa conference. I think we European practitioners should bring good news next year. I have the responsibility to help make it happen. I know why we European practitioners need to work harder.”