(Minghui.org) It is a tremendous honor for us to be Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period after millennia of awaiting and establishing our sacred, predestined relationships.

Zhuan Falun is a book of immense value. To an opened celestial eye, it glows with golden light and each character bears the image of Master's Fashen. It can guide us to reach high levels in our cultivation and has profound meanings at higher and higher levels. As disciples, we need to read the book every day. Otherwise, we won't feel fully grounded and our truth-clarification activities and projects won't be as successful.

Recently I have noticed that some fellow practitioners don't cherish Dafa books, especially Zhuan Falun. Some don't have their books wrapped, leaving the covers dirty after much use. Some wrap their books in newspaper or other paper with all kinds of print on them. Some wrap their books in very thick materials, which actually damage the book covers.

Some take up the book to read without washing their hands first. Some handle the book not with both hands, but in a careless manner. Some fold the corner of a page rather than using a proper bookmark.

All these practices leave their books dirty and folded, sometimes even falling apart. This issue does not seem to be limited to a small number of practitioners. I have personally seen five such mishandled books recently. It is a loophole, a mistake, even a criminal act in our cultivation.

I feel sad and contrite in writing the article at this point. Treasuring Dafa books is not a trivial thing. If we can maintain a mindset of ultimate awe and reverence to Master and Dafa all the time, we will naturally do better. I suggest that practitioners involved in the project of making Dafa books repair those damaged books, cut off the dirty book edges, wrap them in new covers, and reassemble those that have fallen apart.

Fellow practitioners, please point out anything inappropriate.