(Minghui.org) I had just left my friend’s house and was riding my electric car on my way home on the evening of April 25, 2007. Without warning, a severe rainstorm, mixed with lightning, thunder, and howling winds came crashing down.

Everyone was completely caught off guard by the sudden storm. Pedestrians rushed about and vehicles failed to slow down.

At the crossroads, a speeding truck ran into my electric car and sent me flying. A blackness blanketed me and I knew nothing more after that.

When I came to, the truck driver was holding me in his arms and shaking me. He kept crying out for me to wake up. I felt his whole body trembling.

I slowly opened my eyes and said to the driver, “I’m fine. Do not be afraid. Why don’t you lift me up. I can walk on home.”

I wasn’t aware my face was a mess so the truck driver wasn’t able to discern my age, but when he found out I could speak, he wept and said, “You… Do you know what you look like?”

I had the truck driver help me stand up, but I wasn’t able to put weight on my left leg. So, I asked the driver to take out my cell phone from my bag. I called my friend to take me home.

When my friend showed up, she couldn’t even recognize me. She was so shocked that she and the truck driver decided to take me to a nearby hospital in the township.

The doctor there took a look at my injuries and refused to admit me.

So they called for the city ambulance to take me to the People’s Hospital emergency room. By that time, my husband and family members were already at the hospital waiting. The way they looked at me, I don’t think they thought that I was going to make it.

I saw the driver standing in the emergency room at the door trembling, I made him a gesture to assure him that I would be fine.

The doctors’ examination revealed the following: I had two broken left ribs, my left ankle was fractured and dislocated, there was severe damage to my gums, four of my upper teeth and two lower teeth were loose, one tooth was broken, and my entire face was seriously deformed. The left side of my face was like pulp, my forehead had a huge lump, and my eyes looked like the black eyes of a panda.

The doctors decided to enforce hospitalization in order to perform surgeries on my ankle, teeth, and gums. I was transported to a ward. The patients in the ward all thought I was my husband’s mother.

Because my husband and I both practice Falun Gong, his attitude was very positive. He kept a constant smile on his face.

Patients in the ward all reprimanded my husband behind his back, “You see his mother was injured in such a bad way, and he looks as if it’s nothing important.”

When my brother went home, he comforted our mother, telling her, “Sister is indeed badly hurt. Her face looks horrendous and she’ll surely be scarred, but her brain works fine. She’s still very clearheaded. Her children will still have their mother around, which is a good thing!”

I lay in bed that evening and my whole body could not move. My entire face and my mouth just burned.

I used my hand to manipulate my gums and aligned my teeth one by one. I then put on my headphones and started listening to Master’s lectures.

Sometime deep into the night I saw a big hand go to my left side. I felt my row of ribs was gently being propped up. At the same time, I heard a couple of snapping sounds. I knew it was Master fixing my two broken ribs from another dimension.

I could then clearly feel a Falun (law wheel) rotating everywhere in my internal organs. Suddenly, my body relaxed. I fell into a most comfortable sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, my ribs didn’t hurt at all, so I sat up. I touched each tooth and my gums. Everything was firm and in place. Even my broken teeth felt fine.

When patients in my ward saw me sit up, they were all amazed. So, I told them I practice Falun Gong. It was Dafa’s Master who had healed me.

I taught them to recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!”

I also told them about quitting the Chinese Communist Party and withdrawing from all its affiliated organizations so they could be guaranteed peace and security.

The next day, when doctors were making their ward rounds, they were shocked to see me sitting up in bed. One doctor said loudly to another in surprise, “Didn’t she just come in last night? Didn’t she have broken ribs? Why is she sitting up?”

They checked my X-ray films and remarked, “Aren’t you looking at two broken ribs? She must be having some cerebellar problems. She needs immediate drug treatment.”

I assured them, “Doctor, I have no problem with my head, and do not need any drug treatment.”

One of the doctors demanded, “Are you a doctor, or am I a doctor?”

I responded, “Doctor, is this about your head or my head?”

The doctor nodded and said, “You still possess a sober mind.”

Before leaving, the doctors let me move my body this way and that. A doctor frowned, shook his head, and said, “This is really strange!”

Two days later, I decided I must go home.

The doctors adamantly objected. They wanted me to stay to undergo the surgery for my ankle.

I adamantly refused to comply.

The doctors said, “If you don’t do the surgery, you will doubtless become lame.”

He continued, “The other party hit you. They are responsible for all expenses. You don’t have to spend any money of your own.”

But I insisted, so the doctors made me sign a form, saying, “You make this decision at your own peril. If you develop any problem at a later date, you will be the only one solely responsible.”

I was discharged.

After returning home, I continued to read Zhuan Falun. I stood on one foot to do the exercises.

Six days later, the scab on my face fell off. In just over half a month, my face was back to normal, ruddy and with no trace of any scars. In the morning on day 26 when my mother and I were doing the second exercise, my left ankle made a rattle sound, and all pain dissipated.

I finished the exercises with joy in my heart, I then showed my mother how I was able to walk normally.

I rode my electric car the next day and returned to my own home. My mother-in-law witnessed how quickly I had recovered, and said, “You practice Falun Gong, and you get well fast.”

Since then, my mother-on-law no longer objects to her son and I practicing Falun Gong.

A month later, I rode my electric car 40 miles to visit my parents. When my elder brother and his wife saw me walking normally, and there were no scars on my face, they were happy and speechless. They made me walk around in the courtyard so they could ascertain my surprising speedy recovery.

That afternoon, they cooked me a delicious meal for a little celebration.

There is a saying among everyday people: “It takes a hundred days for bones and tendons to heal.” Yet I, whom doctors had predicted would be lame and disfigured for life, recovered completely in less than a month.

The magic of Dafa was manifested in me. Through this accident, friends and family witnessed the extraordinary power of Falun Dafa!

Because the truck driver’s brother was with our local police department, he sought out an officer to check the site of the accident. It was evident that the truck driver was fully responsible for hitting me and knocking me 24 yards.

However, when the findings came out, I was also held liable and was required to pay half the penalty.

Because my husband and I are Dafa disciples, we didn’t raise any argument.

A few days after I was discharged, my husband called the driver so he could retrieve his truck from the traffic police brigade, but discovered the phone number had been disconnected.

So my husband went a distance of several miles to seek out the driver’s boss to find out where the driver lived.

When the driver’s boss took my husband to the driver’s house, my husband noticed the house was quite bare. There was nothing of value, not even a television.

My husband found out from the neighbors that the driver knew I was badly hurt and disfigured, he was fearful he would have to pay us a lot of money.

The driver’s boss and his wife were also fearful when my husband showed up at their house. But when my husband explained to them the purpose of his visit, they held my husband’s hands and were so touched, they couldn’t say a word.

My husband told them Dafa’s Master wants his disciples to always think of others first. He also helped them renounce the Party and withdraw from its affiliated organizations.

The next day, my husband went with the driver to retrieve the truck from the traffic police brigade. He talked to him about the facts of Falun Dafa and told the driver that being practitioners, we don’t ask for anything in return.

He also helped the driver renounce the Party and all its affiliated organizations, and taught him to recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

The driver was grateful. He held my husband’s hands and said, “Thank you and your wife for being Falun Gong practitioners. I hope from now on we are friends. Thank you. Thank you.”

Master saved my life. I will follow Master’s requirements to make sure more sentient beings will learn the truth about Dafa, and will renounce the Party and withdraw from all its affiliated organizations so they can have a life of peace and security.