(Minghui.org) During my cultivation, I always remind my self,

“This is the most convenient discipline, and on top of that, the practice is based directly on the universe’s nature, so our cultivation is the fastest, the biggest shortcut. It focuses directly on your mind.”(Zhuan Falun).

My understanding of “it focuses directly on your mind” is that looking inward is key to our cultivation. Thus, I have tried my best to improve my xinxing. As soon as I realized that I had an attachment, I tried my best to eliminate it as soon as possible.

Once, I was at Practitioner A's home with Practitioner B, and the three of us were doing the fifth exercise together. Practitioner A kept on reminding practitioner B that her arms were in the wrong position, and that she should put her arms higher.

I opened my eyes and saw that Practitioner B's arms were almost touching the ground, and not at the same height as her waist. However, when I took a look at Practitioner A's arms, she wasn't holding them right either.

In fact, I had pointed out the problem to Practitioner A many times before. Now she was correcting Practitioner B. Wasn't this the pot calling the kettle black?

Why was I made to witness this? I realized that I should look inwards myself. I found that I couldn't keep my arms in the right position either when I did the fifth exercise.

I recalled seeing one practitioner who could keep her arms in the right position during the whole exercise. I came to realize that I should correct myself first.

Even though I didn't say anything, when Practitioner A saw me holding the right posture the entire time, she realized her problem and improved. The problem that I reminded her of for years was solved without a word!

I realized that whenever we see others' shortcomings or imperfections, we should look inward ourselves to see if we have the same problem. We must strictly follow Dafa to rectify ourselves instead of scrutinizing others' attachments.