(Minghui.org) May 13 is the 17th World Falun Dafa Day and the 24th anniversary of Falun Dafa’s public introduction. It is also the birthday of Falun Gong founder Master Li Hongzhi. Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) practitioners across the world celebrate World Falun Dafa Day every year and appreciate Master Li for the public introduction of the practice. Here we present snapshots of celebration events in San Diego and Seattle.

Celebration in San Diego, California

Falun Gong practitioners in San Diego, California held activities in Mira Mesa Park to celebrate World Falun Dafa Day on the morning of May 8, 2016.

Group photo of Falun Gong practitioners celebrating World Falun Dafa Day in San Diego, California.

Group practice of Falun Gong exercises in Mira Mesa Park to celebrate World Falun Dafa Day.

The practitioners held a morning group practice in the park. The practitioners come from all walks of life, including engineers and business owners, of different ages ranging from elders to pupils.

After the group practice, a group photo was taken to wish Master Li a happy birthday. They spoke out together loudly, “Master, Happy Birthday!”

Celebration in Seattle, Washington

Practitioners in Seattle, Washington held activities in Westlake Park in downtown to celebrate World Falun Dafa Day and wish revered Master Li a happy birthday.

Group photo of Falun Gong practitioners celebrating World Falun Dafa Day in Westlake Park in Seattle on May 8, 2016.

The Seattle practitioners held a group exercise practice and set up poster boards with Falun Gong information. Many people paused to watch and learn more about Falun Gong from the practitioners.

Practitioners demonstrate the fifth exercise.

A practitioner explains Falun Gong to a passerby.

Passerby signs a petition calling for stopping the persecution.

One lady asked a practitioner after reading a Falun Gong flyer, “I wish to learn the practice. Are you here every day?” She was told that free exercise instruction is offered at the Pike Place Market every Saturday and Sunday. She was pleased to write down the time, and thanked the practitioner before leaving.

An native American from Arizona was excited when seeing the practitioners with yellow and blue costumes lined up for the group practice. He took photos one after another. He said he felt positive energy. Upon hearing that Falun Gong practitioners in China were suffering persecution, and even subjected to live organ harvesting, he said, “This is wrong!” He signed the petition calling for an end of the live organ harvesting without hesitation.

A mother and daughter who passed by the venue stepped forward to obtain more information when they heard a practitioner saying “Please help stop the illegal organ trafficking in China.” The daughter said she had been in China for a year, and knew very well that Chinese people do not have freedom. She gave an example that there was only one Catholic church in all of Beijing, and the priest in the church was appointed by the communist regime. The mother and daughter were sympathetic toward the practitioners being persecuted in China, and signed the petition calling for an end to the persecution.

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