(Minghui.org) I would like to share the cultivation story of my aunt, who is from Inner Mongolia. She is 62 years old and illiterate. She can’t speak or understand Mandarin. She could barely read any Mongolian, much less Mandarin Chinese. Her temper used to be so bad that nobody wanted to deal with her. Then Dafa changed her, and miracles happened.

From Being Illiterate to Reading and Reciting Lunyu

When I told my uncle’s daughter about Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) in May 2010, my aunt was there, too. She understood that Dafa is the Buddha Fa and that it teaches people to become better and more compassionate, so she started listening to Master’s lectures every day.

My aunt only went to the first grade, so she couldn’t read Mongolian or read or understand Mandarin. But Dafa gave her wisdom. She kept on listening and gradually was able understand what Master said.

Eventually she made up her mind to study the Fa using the main book of the practice Zhuan Falun. She recited “Falun Dafa is good” in her mind over and over again. She held the book and asked her daughter and son to read for her. In time, she was able to recognize the words. Later on, she decided to memorize Lunyu. It took her six days to memorize the first paragraph.

That an illiterate person could read Zhuan Falun shocked the family. That prompted my mother-in-law to start reading the Fa. My cousin’s mother-in-law decided to practice Falun Gong and read the Fa, too.

Conflicts with Daughter-in-law Resolved

Prior to becoming a cultivator, my aunt was very competitive and had a bad temper. She controlled everything for the family. Everybody had to yield to her.

Her family owned several hundred acres of land, with a lot of horses and cows. My uncle and aunt worked hard their entire lives to acquire what they had, so she was very careful with money.

My aunt’s daughter-in-law also had a bad temper and wanted to control the money and the family. Of course my aunt would not allow it, so there used to be a lot of conflicts between the two.

As the conflicts worsened, her daughter-in-law even wanted a divorce. She yelled at my aunt and even beat her, slapped her in the face, and drove her out of the house. My aunt could not endure the humiliation and left home.

After a painful struggle, my aunt finally decided that she would strictly follow the Dafa principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and be compassionate to her daughter-in-law. She let go of her attachment to money and property and let her daughter-in-law take over.

This helped her daughter-in-law realize just how wonderful Dafa is. She changed, too, and now often recites “Falun Dafa is good” in her heart.

Family relationships have really improved. My aunt’s son and daughter also started practicing Dafa. When they face conflicts, they all search inward. Everyone gets along, and even their income has increased significantly.

My aunt’s health problems disappeared after she started practicing Dafa. That amazed her friends and relatives, and more and more decided to join her in practicing Dafa. Many of her relatives have now started to cultivate.

Falun Dafa is so wonderful. As long as one recognizes and harmonizes with Dafa, miracles will happen!