Taking on Responsibility as a Materials Distributor and Local Coordinator

I was considered a simple person but had poor enlightenment quality. For instance, when trials and tribulations came into my life, it took me one or two days to align myself with the Fa and take responsibility for them. But in the process of producing and distributing truth-clarification materials, I have made enormous progress!

I have committed myself to the effort of providing truth-clarification materials and the Minghui Weekly since 2005 to our local practitioners. I also offered to take over as coordinator after our local Dafa coordinator relocated to another area.

A Busy Life Made Me a Grumpy Old Woman

During the first couple of years, I noticed if I settled myself down and studied the Fa before producing materials, I usually got the job done promptly and successfully distributed them.

Yet, as time went by, especially during the busy farming season, I started to complain. With dirt on my face, I had to walk all day long. It was an extremely difficult time because my family also expected me to take on more responsibility for the heavy load of farm work and household chores.

I became unhappy with some practitioners who could have helped by coming to my house to pick up the materials themselves. Meanwhile, I also resented practitioners who failed to inform me in advance that they would not be at home, which led to my having walked three or four miles in vain. What's more, I started to complain to my husband when he did not do everything to my satisfaction.

Complaints Often Fill the Gap When Compassion Is Lacking

One night I collected my thoughts and focused on studying the Fa. I was shocked after reading Master’s teaching:

“Everyone knows that eating meat is only one attachment and one desire—this is only one attachment. Being a vegetarian only removes this one attachment. One still needs to relinquish jealousy, the competitive mentality, the attachment of zealotry, the mentality of showing off, and various other attachments; there are numerous human attachments. Only by removing all attachments and desires can one complete one’s cultivation practice.” (“Lecture Seven” in Zhuan Falun)

I looked within and found I had all the attachments mentioned above. I realized that complaints often filled the gap when compassion was lacking. I told myself to work harder in studying the Fa, and try every means to abandon all the human notions that were obstructing my path.

My Attachments Became Weaker When My Thinking Was Shaped by the Fa

One day I went to a practitioner’s house to deliver the Minghui Weekly. Unfortunately she happened to be out. That was the moment when my resentment boiled over: “Again, my trip was in vain! This is only wasting my time,” I grumbled to myself.

But on the way back, I realized that it was my attachment to resentment that made me angry with the practitioner. I asked myself: “Wasn't this a good opportunity to rid myself of the mentality of complaining and resenting?”

I calmed myself down and thought: “How could I blame this practitioner, who, as it turned out, did not know that I was coming? I knew that she also had a busy life with heavy family commitments?

That night, I felt touched when I read Master’s teaching: “...the entire cultivation process for a practitioner is one of constantly giving up human attachments.” (“Lecture One” in Zhuan Falun)

I realized it is crucial to study the Fa in order to maintain righteous thoughts. I was pleased to see that every single human attachment of mine became weaker when my thinking was shaped by the Fa.

Cultivating Myself in a Genuine Manner

Last Spring, I went out to make a delivery to the practitioner who happened to be out the last time I paid a visit. As I approached her house, I saw her door was locked.

So, this time, instead of resenting it, I stayed calm and smiled. I believed my trip was not in vain because, while walking to her house, I was making phone calls to tell people the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa.

During winter two years ago, a heavy and persistent snow started falling in northern China, and the road was very slippery. As I was making a delivery to a practitioner’s house, I had a bad fall that caused pain in my back and leg. I got up slowly, but held the firm belief that I would not be hurt because no one should interfere with a Dafa disciple's truth-clarification efforts.

I wondered, how could I have had such a nasty tumble? I recalled that before leaving home, I told myself not to let the slippery road bring me down in a fall. Immediately I realized it was the evil elements that were taking advantage of my human notions and exploiting the loopholes in my xinxing!

I decided to recite Master’s poem to help me be steadfast while I was making truth-clarification calls:

“A Great Enlightened One fears no hardshipHaving forged an adamantine willFree of attachment to living or dyingHe walks the path of Fa-rectificationconfident and poised(“Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions” from Hong Yin Volume II)

Eventually, I made my way to the practitioner’s house. Then she joined me to visit another practitioner in the neighborhood, and the three of us studied the Fa and shared our experiences with each other.

Before saying goodbye, the two practitioners sincerely told me: “We now understand it’s high time we all cultivate ourselves in a genuine manner and do the three things a Dafa disciple is supposed to do. Otherwise, we will fail to live up to revered Master’s compassionate salvation.”

For over 10 years I have been delivering Master’s lectures, online materials, stickers, and the Minghui Weekly. I’ll continue to do well and urge our local group to keep up with the Fa-Rectification process.